11 Things Millennials Falsely Get Blamed For

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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, discussions about generational differences often take center stage. When it comes to Millennials, older generations, like Baby Boomers, have a lot to say.

In this slideshow, we explore some of the most entertaining and thought-provoking perspectives shared on social media. Strap in for a journey through the wit, wisdom, and occasional head-scratching moments that define the generational divide.

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#1 Millennials are killing the ______ industry.

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When it comes to blaming millennials for the decline of certain industries, many users agree that this logic might be a bit off the mark. As one commenter aptly points out, it’s not that millennials are intentionally taking down industries; rather, these industries failed to adapt to a modern market and a new demographic. Comparing it to the past, the commenter humorously notes that people from the early 1900s weren’t complaining about kids and their cars killing the horse-drawn carriage industry – change is inevitable.

#2 They Refuse To Move Out Of Their Parents’ Home.

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Ah, the good ol’ days when minimum wage could actually sustain a young adult’s aspirations. As some users suggested, reminiscing about the times when you achieved these milestones might gloss over the financial reality of today’s world. The commenter humorously highlights the contrast between the past and the present, where living on minimum wage could potentially leave you enjoying “ice cube soup” for dinner.

#3 They Wouldn’t Have Student Loans If They Worked Hard And Got A Scholarship!

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While some users acknowledge that scholarships do exist for a variety of interests, others point out that these opportunities often come with specific requirements. One user wittily remarks that finding these scholarships can be a gold mine. Most require you to be both below the poverty line and have a perfect GPA – a rare combination indeed.

#4 They Wouldn’t Have Student Loans if They Got Summer Jobs.

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The contrast between past and present work opportunities is a point of contention among generations. Some users share their parents’ stories of paying for college with summer jobs. The humor lies in the exaggeration that the solution for today’s college expenses is as simple as “getting off your a** and working” a summer job – a bit of a simplified perspective on the current challenges.

#5 They’re Too Lazy To Go Find A Job In Person.

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The advice of generations past about confidently walking into a workplace to ask for a job has certainly evolved with the advent of the internet. As one user shares, their parents’ wisdom clashes with modern hiring practices. The humor in this situation lies in the idea that showing up unannounced to a global company with a formal letter might not be the best way to demonstrate your ability to follow directions. Employers probably value candidates who can navigate online applications more than those who go against the digital grain.

#6 They Hand Out Trophies For Participation.

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Ah, the debate over participation trophies. It turns out, according to many users, that these trophies weren’t exactly what the kids wanted either. While the idea was intended to celebrate participation, some users revealed that they and their friends actually disliked these trophies because they felt like consolation prizes. The humor lies in the observation that participation trophies might have been more for parents who struggled with their kids not winning rather than for the kids themselves.

#7 They Are Disrespectful Toward Older People.

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Generational differences often shine through in discussions about respect. Some users chuckle at the observation that older generations sometimes interpret disagreements as a lack of respect. Users mention that they can disagree with their parents’ political or social views without losing respect and love for them.

#8 They Are Too Quick To Replace Items.

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Ah, the sentimentality of old family heirlooms. Many users relate to the situation where grandpa confidently reassures them about the durability of a century-old ladder. Many users don’t like the waste associated with fast fashion, but definitely prefer to replace items for safety and practicality. Sometimes it’s ok to want the new smart TV and up-to-date devices to make your life easier.

#9 They Don’t Assert Themselves.

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Millennials agree that they shy away from unnecessary confrontation, especially when compared to their Boomer parents. Many related stories of how their frustrated Boomer parents yell at service employees for minor things like out of stock items or slow lines. Losing it for something beyond their control might not be the most effective way to get what you want.

#10 They’ve Had It Easy.

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Some users humorously highlight that older generations often respond to millennials’ experiences with their own, more intense versions. These stories often turn into an unintentional “competition” of who had it worse. In the end, everyone has their unique struggles and successes.

#11 They Are Selfish For Not Having Kids.

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Interactions around the decision to have children can lead to humorous insights. Some users share that parents might guilt-trip their children for not wanting kids, citing the ironic reason that they themselves had children to ensure care in their old age. The realities of today’s economic and social conditions hit millennials hard, though, with many not able to afford to have children. Many users also reported not wanting to have children due to the uncertain future that faces our planet.

Source: Reddit.

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