9 Serious And Not-So-Serious Things Elon Musk Could’ve Bought With $44B Instead Of Twitter

Elon Musk’s Net Worth Took a $100 Billion Hit

Elon Musk, the man known for his grand ambitions and colossal endeavors, made headlines earlier this year with his $44 billion Twitter investment. But what if he had decided to splurge that enormous sum on something else? The online community has some intriguing ideas about what Musk could have acquired with that kind of cash. Let’s take a humorous and imaginative journey into the alternate reality where Musk spends his billions in unexpected ways.

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#1 – A Musical Empire: Motown Catalog

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“…which actually would make him money!”

Imagine Elon Musk, the tech visionary, stepping into the world of music by purchasing the entire Motown copyright catalog for just $1 billion. This iconic collection of hits from artists like The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder could have made him the ultimate music mogul. From “My Girl” to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” Musk could have controlled the soundtrack of countless lives.

#2 – Fighter Jet Fleet

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What’s better than owning a single fighter jet? Owning a fleet of them! For roughly $44 billion, Elon Musk could have bought approximately 698 F-16 jets, transforming him into an aerial force to be reckoned with. Whether he planned on using them for a high-flying adventure or simply as extravagant lawn ornaments, it’s hard not to picture Musk as the Maverick of the billionaire world.

#3 – Bubblegum Bonanza

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If Elon Musk had a sweet tooth and a penchant for chewing, he could have gone on a jaw-dropping shopping spree. For $44 billion, he could have acquired a mind-boggling 880 billion gumballs. And what would he do with all that gum? Well, he could attempt to chew them all into one giant ball, potentially earning a spot in the Guinness World Records. Move over, bubblegum champions!

#4 – San Fransisco Bungalow

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“It’s $44billion, so maybe a three bedroom..”

A tongue-in-cheek comment on the soaring price of real estate in California, a user sarcastically points out how little even a large amount of money can buy these days.

#5 – The Musk Takeover: Rhode Island Edition

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“He’d just end up renaming it Pen Island.”

Some users had an audacious theory: Elon Musk could have taken over an entire state. If he’d planned meticulously and moved discreetly, he might have successfully purchased all of Rhode Island. A takeover of this scale would have been unprecedented, and the logistics alone would boggle the mind. Rhode Island, the land of Musk.

#6 – The MCU or the Musk Cinematic Universe

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While we’ve seen Musk interact with Hollywood stars, what if he ventured deeper into the film industry? For $44 billion, he could have bought Warner Bros. and created his own Musk Cinematic Universe. A superhero franchise focused entirely on Musk’s life story might seem far-fetched, but in an industry where creativity knows no bounds, who’s to say it couldn’t happen?

#7 – S, E, and X Men – The Ultimate Crossover

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“Oh god, he would have had 3 groups, wouldn’t he? The S Men, the E Men and the X Men just because he would have thought the crossover event featuring all 3 teams would be hilarious.”

Imagine a crossover event in the superhero world that brought together three distinct groups: the S Men, the E Men, and the X Men. Elon Musk’s sense of humor and playfulness might have driven him to orchestrate such a unique collaboration. It would have been a collision of different superpowers and personalities, resulting in an epic spectacle of strength, wit, and a good dose of mischief.

#8 – A Legacy of Public Good

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“I grew up a block away from my Carnegie library, it was one of the most beautiful buildings in town, and filled to the ceiling with books. A lot of good memories there.”

Billionaires from the past have left a legacy of grandeur, building public structures like libraries, monuments, bridges, and schools for the benefit of all. Elon Musk could have followed in their footsteps, leaving behind a legacy of free and enduring public goods, all adorned with his name (though the future might chip it off). A noble act that would have transformed his image and benefited communities far and wide.

#9 – Renewable Energy Revolution

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Instead of Twitter, Musk could have invested his $44 billion in renewable energy. He could have spearheaded the transformation of the entire United States into a hub of renewable power. Musk could have emerged as the leading energy supplier for the nation, making a significant impact on the future. Instead, he opted for Twitter, leaving many to ponder the road not taken, especially in a world where clean energy is in high demand.

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