Boomer’s Got Swag: 30 Slang Terms To Stay Hip and Relevant

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If you’re a Baby Boomer, you might feel like you’re living in a different world than the younger generations. One of the biggest differences is the language that’s used today.

Slang words and phrases are constantly changing, and it can be tough to keep up. But fear not! This guide will help you navigate the confusing world of modern slang.

First, it’s important to understand that slang is all about context. A word or phrase that means one thing in one situation can mean something completely different in another. So, pay attention to the situation and the people around you.

Here are some common phrases you might hear and what they mean:

1. “Lit” – Something is really cool or exciting. For example, “That concert was lit!”

2. “Slay” – To do something really well. For example, “She slayed that presentation!”

3. “Savage” – Something is really impressive or intense. For example, “That workout was savage!”

4. “GOAT” – This stands for “Greatest Of All Time.” It’s used to describe someone who is the best at something. For example, “Michael Jordan is the GOAT of basketball.”

5. “FOMO” – This stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.” It’s used to describe the feeling of anxiety or insecurity when you think everyone else is doing something fun without you.

6. “YOLO” – This stands for “You Only Live Once.” It’s used to encourage people to take risks and do things they might not normally do.

7. “Gucci” – Something is good or cool. For example, “That jacket is Gucci!”

8. “Throw shade” – To insult or criticize someone indirectly. For example, “She was throwing shade at me all night.”

9. “Bae” – Short for “Before Anyone Else.” It’s used to describe someone you’re romantically interested in.

10. “Clap back” – To respond to criticism with a sharp comeback. For example, “She really clapped back at that troll on Twitter.”

11. “Simp” – Used to describe someone, usually a man, who is overly attentive or subservient to someone they’re romantically interested in.

12. “Slay queen” – Used to describe a woman who is confident, successful, and stylish.

13. “Snatched” – Means someone looks really good, usually in terms of their appearance or outfit.

14. “Tea” – Gossip or juicy information. For example, “I heard some tea about that celebrity on Twitter.”

15. “AF” – This stands for “as f***” and is used to emphasize something. For example, “That party was wild AF.”

16. “Low-key” – To keep something low-profile or to not draw attention to it.

17. “High-key” – This means the opposite of low-key, to draw attention to something or make it known.

18. “Squad” – A group of friends or a social circle.

19. “Glow up” – To transform or improve one’s appearance or social status over time.

20. “Extra” – Someone is over-the-top or trying too hard. For example, “She’s always so extra with her outfits.”

21. “Chill” – To relax or take it easy. For example, “Let’s just chill at home tonight.”

22. “Flex” – To show off or brag about something. For example, “He’s always flexing his new clothes on Instagram.”

23. “Woke” – To be aware and informed about social and political issues. For example, “She’s so woke, she’s always advocating for social justice.”

24. “Shook” – To be surprised or shocked. For example, “I was so shook when I found out he was moving away.”

25. “Snack” – Used to describe someone who is attractive. For example, “He’s such a snack, I can’t take my eyes off him.”

26. “Sus” – Suspicious or sketchy. For example, “I don’t trust that guy, he seems sus.”

27. “Ship” – To support or want two people to be in a romantic relationship. For example, “I ship those two, they would be so cute together.”

28. “Vibes” – The overall feeling or atmosphere of a situation. For example, “This party has good vibes, everyone is having fun.”

29. “Bussin” – This means something is really good or delicious. For example, “This food is bussin, I can’t stop eating it.”

30. “Cap” – The slang term “cap” is often used among Gen-Z and refers to lying or exaggerating. If someone says “no cap,” it means they’re not lying or joking around. For example, “I aced that test, no cap.”

Remember, slang is always evolving, and new terms are being created all the time. It can be helpful to keep up with popular culture and social media to stay in the know. Don’t let modern slang intimidate you!

With a little effort and a willingness to learn, you can easily keep up with the younger generations. And who knows, maybe you’ll even start using some of these words yourself!

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