A Tale of Unpleasant Encounters – Should Leaving a Bad Review be Justified or an Overreaction?

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In the world of social media, where people share their experiences and opinions, a recent post has sparked a heated debate.

It all began with a simple and sweet tradition: a couple celebrating their anniversary by going shopping separately and surprising each other with gifts. However, this tradition took an unexpected turn when they entered a small anime store.

The original poster (OP) shared that she is a big fan of anime, and her boyfriend loves video games. So, they thought the newly opened mom & pop anime store would be a great place to find anniversary gifts.

As they shopped separately, one of the store employees struck up a conversation with OP. The employee noticed OP’s tattoo of Kakashi from the anime Naruto on her thigh. But things quickly got strange. The employee started quizzing her about Naruto, trying to see if OP was a real fan.

OP felt uncomfortable and explained that she loved Naruto and showed off her other anime tattoos, including symbols from the show. OP even said she’d spent a lot of money on these tattoos because she was a true fan. But the employee didn’t believe OP and used rude language.

Feeling upset, OP decided to leave a bad review for the store. OP warned others, especially those who are feminine, that they might face a similar unpleasant encounter with the employee.

The store owner saw the review, and because it was affecting their sales, he asked OP to take it down after reaching out through email. This left OP wondering if she had overreacted.

Perplexed, OP took the matter before the online community to seek opinion and perspective.

Holding People Accountable

User Sammasc123 strongly supported OP and said that the store owner should take action against the rude employee, instead of asking OP to remove the review.

“You’re not ‘overreacting’. If the store owner wants to get his revenue back, he can fire the misogynist. You are under no responsibility to put up with men treating you poorly just because you’re female-presenting. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

This user believed that no one should tolerate mistreatment just because of their gender.

DiagonKitty empathized with OP’s situation and emphasized the significance of reviews.

The user pointed out that reviews serve as a crucial tool for potential customers seeking welcoming and inclusive environments. Further, this commenter argued that the responsibility for falling sales should lie squarely on the employee’s shoulders.

Cocoprezzz chimed in with a strong stance against misogyny, asserting that misogynists deserve to be called out.

“Misogynists deserve to be called out and if the owner doesn’t like it, then they’re part of the problem as well.”

This comment reinforces the idea that it’s essential for businesses to take a stand against discrimination within their ranks.

Halfadash6 proposed a practical solution for the store owner. The user recommended that the owner apologize publicly on the review platform and take concrete steps, such as firing or reprimanding the offending employee. This approach could help restore the store’s reputation and customer trust.

Lastly, Mewples, a female anime enthusiast herself, offered a personal perspective.

The user expressed that, as a woman who loves anime, especially Naruto, they would appreciate a review like the original post. Mewples underlined the importance of knowing if their own visit to the store might be marred by similar unpleasant encounters.

The Verdict

In the end, this social media post and the discussions that followed leads to a clear verdict.

OP’s story of encountering rudeness and gender bias at the small anime store is a testament to the importance of honest online reviews. Online users overwhelmingly support OP’s decision to leave a negative review, viewing it as a valid means of holding the store accountable for its employee’s conduct.

They argue that businesses should take responsibility for their staff’s behavior and cultivate inclusive spaces. This collective viewpoint underscores the power of customer reviews in promoting transparency, shaping reputations, and guiding fellow consumers toward respectful and welcoming establishments.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Do you think the OP from this social media post was wrong?

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