12 Most Ridiculous College Majors You’ve Ever Heard Of

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College majors can be a fascinating journey of discovery, but sometimes, you stumble upon some unusual academic paths that leave you scratching your head. We ventured into the depths of a social media thread where users shared the most peculiar college majors they’ve ever heard of. It’s a wild ride through the academic landscape. Let’s dive into the world of bizarre college majors, where even Mr. Evil might need to reconsider his education!

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#1. “General Studies”

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“My friend was in college for 5 years, and changed majors 3 times. If he wanted a full degree in something, he would’ve had to do another 2-3 years.”

Ever met someone with a college degree in general studies? It’s like being a scholar of everything and nothing all at once. According to some users, this major is often offered when you’ve changed your degree too many times and can’t seem to grab onto something specific. It’s the academic equivalent of an all-you-can-learn buffet.

#2. “World Domination Major”

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“IIRC, like 20 years ago some college in Indiana offered a major in World Domination.”

Do you ever dream of becoming a world ruler? Imagine having that on your resume! While it might sound like something out of a comic book, it’s one of those bizarre college majors that probably didn’t involve henchmen or secret lairs.

#3. “Majoring in Magic”

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“Definitely IU IMP. There was a guy in my class at IU who was majoring in magic.”

No, it’s not Hogwarts, but there have been instances where students majored in magic. Not the kind with broomsticks and wands, but rather sleight of hand and illusions. Although it’s not quite witchcraft or wizardry, it’s certainly an enchanting twist on the traditional college experience.

#4. “Bachelor’s in Outdoor Activities”

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Ever wondered what it’s like to major in “Outdoor Activities”? Some users recall acquaintances who held a degree in this mysterious field. Strangely, they were never able to explain precisely what it entailed. Perhaps it involves extreme hiking or a Ph.D. in camping under the stars?

#5. “Golf Major”

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This one might leave you in a sand trap. A user shared a story of a college offering a major in golf. The catch? It was seemingly created so the Vice Chancellor could buy a private golf course for the university. Although enrollments were scarce, one was even a no-show. The major got canceled, but the Chancellor likely had some pleasant tee times.

#6. Degrees in “Culinary Traditions” or “Music in the Former British Empire”

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For students who change their majors more often than they change their cosmic socks, some colleges have a solution: Interdisciplinary Studies. It’s like a cosmic blender for your courses, allowing you to mix and match your credits into a degree. This can result in some pretty unique majors, such as “Culinary Traditions” or “Music in the Former British Empire.” It’s a bit like creating your own special academic recipe, combining different subjects to make a one-of-a-kind degree.

#7. “French Business: A Fusion Degree”

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“His first language is Spanish and French was his third. He took a class on French cinema (which was a 4000) but he was officially in the business school. I do think to get him out the door he had to take an international business course but I don’t think it was specific to France. Now he’s a web developer.”

Have you ever encountered someone with a degree in “French Business”? It’s a real thing! One user knew someone who ended up with this unique major. It usually happens when you have lots of French language and business school credits but not enough for separate degrees. It’s a bit like mixing the elegance of French culture with the practicality of business spreadsheets. So, it’s an interesting blend of two very different worlds in the academic realm.

#8. “Nordic Lesbianism: A Brief Major”

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Some majors have a short-lived existence. One college briefly featured a major in “Nordic Lesbianism.” While it sounds intriguing, it’s also a reminder that academic trends can change as quickly as an ice cream melts on a hot summer day.

#9. “Esports Management”

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“I was surprised to see how many Google results came back for bachelor’s degrees in ESports or Esports Management.”

In the age of professional gaming, some colleges offer a major in “Esports.” But it’s not all fun and games. It involves managing teams, marketing, and setting up opportunities. Despite the skepticism, it’s a growing field with real-world career prospects.

#10. “Certified Pirate” at MIT

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“That sounds like a fun career pathway. Does that also includes Prepping for Hostage 101 and Mapping your Treasure Map as well?”

MIT takes the idea of swashbuckling to the next level. You can become a certified pirate by completing courses in pistol, archery, sailing, and fencing. While it might not lead to buried treasure, it’s a unique college experience.

#11. “Master of Puppetry”

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“My husband has a masters in puppetry from UConn! A lot of people from the program do really well as long as they truly want to follow the art.”

Ever thought of earning a masters in puppetry? The University of Connecticut offers this distinctive degree. It’s a testament to the diverse world of academia, where even puppetry can become an area of expertise.

#12. “Post-Medieval Russian Music”

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Sometimes, majors can lead you into niche fields. One user shared a friend who majored in “post-medieval Russian music.” It’s a reminder that the academic journey can take you to unique places, even if they’re not the most mainstream.

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