14 Things Rich People Said That Are Completely Out Of Touch With Reality

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In the world of social media, where opinions flow like a river, we stumbled upon an interesting thread discussing the things rich people say that might sound like a load of, well, you know what. From absurd claims of being broke to the classic “money can’t buy happiness,” we’ve gathered insights from users who’ve had the dubious privilege of working for the wealthy. Let’s dive into some of the points they’ve raised and see if the rich’s advice stands the test of reality.

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#1. “I’m Poor, I have No Money”

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“My last boss. He owned FOUR homes, outright no mortgages. He drove a brand new Tesla. He had the nerve to ask someone at the company who made $10 an hour part time to pay for his lunch because ‘there’s only a few $100s in my wallet now’.”

Some users have pointed out the absurdity of hearing the super-rich claim to be poor. These wealthy individuals may live in mansions, own numerous cars, and jet-set around the world. Still, they sometimes claim poverty. It’s essential to remember that not all their wealth is tied up in stocks – they’ve got savings and checking accounts brimming with cash. Talk about a twist!

#2. “All You Need is Passion”

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“I’ve heard successful people give this advice because they don’t know what else to say, but every rich guy I know has zero passion for the product they sell, couldn’t care less.”

Many users share the opinion that many wealthy folks don’t actually love what they sell. They care more about how much money they can make, finding things people need, or making people want to buy things. So, for them, the real excitement comes from making money, not from the thing they’re selling.

#3. “Follow Your Heart” and TED Talk Inspirations

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Does someone who become super rich dream about finding oil when they were little? Some users think this idea became popular because of TED talks and universities inviting famous people to speak instead of experts.

#4. The “Millionaire Mindset” Courses

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Ever come across those ads promising to make you a millionaire if you buy their course and adopt the “millionaire mindset”? Some users find these claims dubious. While mindset is essential, not everyone’s convinced that buying a course will magically turn you into a millionaire.

#5. “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

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“And only rich people own boats. Fun little detail they left out!”

You may have heard the saying that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” suggesting that when the economy improves, everyone benefits. However, some users humorously argue that it’s not super helpful when many of us feel like we’re treading water rather than being comfortably afloat with our legs up. This phrase oversimplifies the reality that economic growth doesn’t always reach everyone equally, leaving some people still struggling in the choppy waters of financial challenges.

#6. “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”

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There’s a classic saying that claims money can’t buy happiness. But let’s be real, have you EVER seen a sad person on a jet ski? Some users humorously argue that while money can’t guarantee happiness, it can certainly make the waves of life a little smoother.

#7. Coffee and Avocado Toast

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“And for some of those poorer people that are buying that luxury item, that avocado toast or coffee from a coffee shop might be the only luxury they have keeping them sane while they otherwise completely drown.”

Many users find the advice to skip avocado toast as a way to get rich humorous, as it oversimplifies financial issues. Rich or not, a latte or a slice of avocado toast is sometimes good for the soul.

#8. “Poor People are Just Lazy!”

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“I just took a retail job because the white collar market is awful, and I have to say that I’ve never worked so hard in my life. No one in the moneyed world is willing to comprehend just how awful being on your feet for 8 hours a day lifting boxes is.”

Some rich people might say that if poor folks worked harder or made different choices, they wouldn’t be poor. But users argue that this advice oversimplifies things. They believe it doesn’t consider the many difficulties that come with being poor, which makes escaping poverty much more complicated than just working harder or making different decisions.

#9. Discouragement from Unionizing

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“I like when companies with $20 million CEOs try to convince you the union is bad because the head of the union makes a six figure salary.”

The rich don’t always like the idea of workers forming unions. Some users have seen that the wealthy sometimes say things to discourage others from joining together in unions to negotiate for better pay, benefits, and rights at work. It’s as if they don’t want workers to team up to improve their condition.

#10. “Self-Made” Success

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Some people like to say they’re “self-made,” meaning they succeeded all on their own. But some users think that’s not entirely true. They believe that becoming wealthy and successful often depends on having a strong and supportive social structure, and sometimes, it includes help from family connections. So, claiming to be entirely “self-made” might not be accurate, and it could be a bit unrealistic.

#11. “You Can’t Fix Problems by Throwing Money at Them”

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“Hard to be happy when you can’t make rent.”

While it’s a common belief that money can’t always solve problems, some users point out that in certain situations, the issue is simply not having enough money. They mention various areas like education, housing, healthcare, and more, where having additional funds could indeed be a part of the solution. So, in some cases, money can play a crucial role in addressing important needs and challenges.

#12. “We are All in this Together”

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When something really bad happens, the rich often claim that we’re all in it together. But some folks find this hard to believe because they think the wealthy can handle tough times much more easily than the rest of us. It’s like saying we’re all in the same boat, but some boats have a lot more holes than others.

#13. “I’d rather Go Back to When I was Broke and Happy”

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Some people have this strange idea of romanticizing poverty, as if being really poor is some kind of wonderful thing. But for some users, this doesn’t make sense. They find it puzzling because poverty often comes with a lot of tough challenges and difficulties. So, saying it’s a romantic or great experience is a bit confusing to them.

#14. “I Pay My Share of Taxes”

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Some users are skeptical when the rich claim they pay their fair share of taxes. Whether due to legal loopholes or creative accounting, there’s often more to the story than meets the eye. In fact, it’s been proven that rich Americans pay far less taxes as a share of their income, versus everyone else.

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