The Wonderful World Of Remote Working

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Have you ever dreaded waking up early in the morning because you know you have to go to work? Getting dressed in uncomfortable work clothes, rushing to suck down a quick cup of coffee, hoping you don’t forget to bring everything with you, just so you can spend the next hour or so in your car or on a crowded bus or train to an ugly, depressing office far away?

There’s another way. And it’s here to stay. In fact, it’s becoming more and more widespread every year. It’s Remote Working.

The beauty of remote working is that it offers tremendous flexibility. No matter if you choose to work from your own home or halfway around the world, remote working provides an incredible level of freedom that you’ll never get working in an office every day.

With broadband and satellite internet availability increasing all around the world, more opportunities for remote working will inevitably open up. The smartest companies and organizations have already recognized this new paradigm and are orienting their entire employment structures around it. This has also been enabled by tech startups developing apps that allow for ease of communication, collaboration, project management and more. Some jobs are now 100% remote, so there’s no need to go into an office at all (in fact, some companies don’t even have offices!).

Entrepreneurs have taken the idea a step further and travel all over the world as digital nomads, always on the move and accessing their projects and collaborations remotely. It’s a great way for a startup to reduce expenses, stay flexible and seek out new opportunities.

But if your job or company hasn’t yet gone remote, or if you haven’t yet made the jump to being your own boss as an entrepreneur, or if you’re an employer that’s still curious about what remote working means to workers, read on.

Working From Home

Traditionally, some employers have made it possible for their workers to work from home once or twice a week, and then come into the office for the remainder of the week. This is known as hybrid remote working, and it’s still in use in a lot of organizations.

Often when workers look for new jobs, they will check to see if the company offers some form of hybrid remote working. It’s often seen as a work perk, useful to the worker as well as to the management.

What makes working from home so desirable? For many people, it can be a liberating and financially beneficial experience, with the potential to completely transform your life!

For example, the versatility that comes from working at home can be unequaled. You can potentially choose where and when you work, allowing you to fit your work into a lifestyle that suits you best. You’ll have the ability to bring your own unique style and approach to each project as it arises without being tied down to one specific location.

How about working out on the patio on a beautiful spring day? Do it! Or looking after your child at home while she plays in the living room while you work nearby? Go for it! Or you probably won’t miss driving to work in a blinding snowstorm, so be safe and work from home instead! There are a lot of possibilities.

Of course, it’s important to remember that even though working from home can be incredibly liberating and rewarding, it’s still a job, and you’ll need to remain organized and disciplined in order to get the job done. It’s a good idea to establish a routine, set goals, and manage your time wisely, just as if you were working in an office. Doing so will help you stay productive wherever you are.

Remote Working Jobs

As we saw in the previous section, Remote Working isn’t a new idea. But in recent years, more jobs are becoming 100% remote. It’s even possible to get a remote job online and never set foot in a company office, because there isn’t any.

Many organizations have turned to remote working because it gives them the ability to attract talent from a much larger pool of people than if they were limited to just hiring locally. Now a company can get the very best people from anywhere in the world and have them all collaborate together, no matter where they are from.

Employees like Remote Working jobs for the same reason. Now a worker can seek out the very best opportunities worldwide and can look forward to working with other like-minded people wherever they may be.

Once a remote team is assembled, it is necessary for a company or organization to keep the team smoothly working with each other. Many different remote work software packages are available to help facilitate collaboration, communication, and coordination between remote workers and their management.

Being A Digital Nomad

Not only can your work be 100% remote, it can be in other countries! For those who love to travel often, the Digital Nomad lifestyle may be for you.

Many Digital Nomads travel to beautiful and scenic locales, which may be more tax and business-friendly than their home countries. There they stay for several months until their visas expire and then move on to another country. Some Nomads cycle through three or four countries per year, always staying one step ahead of the taxman.

Digital Nomads can also take advantage of cheaper costs of living in certain cities or countries, and even work locally with clients all over the world. This can open up more opportunities than a traditional working life ever could. It’s a great way to live, travel, and work!

Of course, in order to live this kind of life, you must have some kind of remote work to do. Many digital nomads are entrepreneurs or self-employed. They have created digital assets like e-commerce stores, blogs, or any other kind of digital asset that can be administered from any PC with a good internet connection. Some people start an online enterprise like these specifically so they can live the digital nomad life.

In Conclusion

Remote Working, in all its forms, is quickly becoming the new standard for working. Workers expect it, companies offer it, and more work gets done because of it. Not every kind of job is suited to remote working, but it’s surprising just how much can be done with a laptop and an internet connection.

Remote working gives individuals greater control over their careers while giving them enough time for self-care and productivity outside of work hours. If you’ve ever considered trying out remote working, there has never been a better time than now.

Free from the need to commute to an expensive, crowded, dangerous city center, people will enjoy more time for their families, for their outside interests, and even…for work!

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