10 Surprising Reasons Why These Vegans Started Eating Meat Again

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The journey from veganism to embracing a diet that includes animal products is a road less traveled but not entirely unheard of. In a recent social media thread, users shared their surprising reasons for returning to meat-eating. While veganism is a lifestyle for many, some found themselves taking a U-turn in their dietary choices. Let’s explore the ten compelling reasons behind this twist in the tale.

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#1 The Health Crisis

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“Got cancer. Ate whatever my body would take without throwing up and that just happened to be chicken nuggets.”

In a surprising turn of events, some users shared that they returned to eating meat due to health issues like cancer. When faced with the daunting challenges of their conditions, they found that meat was the only thing their bodies would tolerate. It’s a reminder that sometimes, our health needs take precedence over dietary choices.

#2 Tough Times

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“Homeless and pregnant = eat what I was given.”

Life can throw some curveballs, and some users suggested that they had to make the tough choice to include meat in their diet while dealing with homelessness and pregnancy. In such dire circumstances, practicality often outweighs personal dietary preferences.

#3 Terminal Illness

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“My parents had a friend who developed terminal cancer and through veganism she was trying to extend her life. Her husband was super supportive and turned vegan with her. They maintained that lifestyle for almost 5 years and then one day she was like, “No. I need a burger.” So she decided she wanted to eat all the meat and cheese and ice cream or whatever because she wanted to enjoy her life and food however she wanted in her last days.”

This story reminds us that sometimes, life’s too short for restrictions. It’s all about embracing the present and living life to the fullest, even if it means bending one’s principles for the sake of joy and pleasure.

#4 Pregnancy Cravings

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“I was 6 months pregnant with my oldest and got a craving, like dreaming about it, nothing else would do craving for steak. I ate 2 very large medium rare rib-eyes and felt better than I had in months. After that I had meat like once every couple weeks until I got pregnant again. Now it’s more like vegetarian Friday.”

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey filled with fascinating twists, and cravings are often part of the adventure. Expectant mothers might find themselves yearning for pickles, ice cream, or even unusual food combinations that leave others scratching their heads. The body’s cries for specific foods during pregnancy are powerful, often irresistible, and sometimes quite humorous.

#5 The Unexpected Steak

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“I was raised vegetarian so I’d never had meat before. Once I was on vacation with my best friend and his parents made steak just for the two of us. I ate it purely out of politeness, and it was the best thing I’d ever had in my whole life.”

This is a story of culinary surprises, reminding us that sometimes, you have to try something to discover its true potential. This narrative is a testament to the unexpected pleasures that come from venturing outside one’s culinary comfort zone.

#6 International Exploration

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“Two long term vegan friends recently became omnivores again. I think it first started with international travel, where they felt that they couldn’t get a real feel for locations/cultures by limiting themselves to vegan food. It can also be difficult to ensure food is vegan if you’re not good with the language.”

Sometimes, the best way to experience a culture is through its food. It’s a tale of adventure and the power of food in connecting us to different cultures and traditions. For some, the decision to reintroduce meat followed international travels as sticking to a strict vegan diet began to feel limiting while exploring diverse cultures and cuisines became a driving force.

#7 Medical Intervention

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“I had to get an iron infusion and it was god-awful.”

Sometimes, the journey back to meat-eating isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. One user’s iron infusion experience left them questioning their dietary choices. Sometimes, health takes precedence over ethics, and if you need a juicy steak to feel better, so be it.

#8 Reevaluating Reasons

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“I grew up and realized that my reasons for going vegan as a teenager were just fronts for disordered eating. I still make an effort to live and eat sustainably, but without the hard and fast restrictions of veganism. I eat meat 2-3 times per week now. “

As we grow and mature, our beliefs and choices can evolve. For some users, the rigid restrictions of veganism they embraced in youth began to feel like a mask for disordered eating. It’s a reflection of how our perspectives change as we age, and the importance of finding a diet that suits both our physical and mental well-being.

#9 A New Lease on Life

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“This was years and years ago but I was drained and just felt quite malnourished as a vegan. I went to a new steakhouse in town and my friends ordered me a tomahawk as a joke. I ate it and afterwards & the day after, I felt like a new man. I haven’t looked back.”

This interesting story is a reminder of the profound impact food can have on our energy and vitality. It underscores the importance of listening to our bodies and making dietary choices that support our overall well-being.

#10 Caring for a Loved One

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“Had to start caring for my gran in the early stages of dementia. She wouldn’t eat a meal if it was prepared just for her. So to ensure she was eating, I chose to reintroduce some meat.”

Sometimes, our dietary choices are influenced by the well-being of our loved ones, emphasizing the role of food in family care. It highlights the sacrifices people are willing to make for the happiness and health of their family members, even if it means adjusting their own eating habits.

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