10 Heart Wrenching Reasons Why Adult Children Don’t Talk To Their Parents

Mother Arguing With Teenage Son

Navigating the complexities of family relationships can be a rollercoaster ride, and sometimes, the things our parents say can leave us baffled, hurt, or even amused. In this list, we’ll delve into the world of awkward and peculiar parent-child interactions as shared by users on social media. From heartfelt confessions to moments of frustration, these stories offer a glimpse into the unique dynamics that exist within families.

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#1 A Mom’s Regret

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“Mom here. My 23-year-old hasn’t spoken to me in four years. It was completely my fault. I’ve struggled with addiction (alcohol) and for most of her childhood I was bad. I hope to be able to apologize to her someday. But, I completely understand and respect her decision.”

This heartfelt admission by a mother underscores the power of self-awareness and the desire for redemption. It’s a reminder that even in strained relationships, there’s always room for growth and healing.

#2 Battling Addiction and Custody

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“My stepdaughter is an addict and mentally ill. Her son was placed in our custody by the state three years ago at 13 months old, and she has never made the effort to regain custody. Her rights were terminated last year, and we adopted him last month when the state gave us the choice. She has hated us ever since he was placed here and has convinced herself that we stole her child. She only contacted my husband if she wanted money, which he won’t give her, so that makes her hate us more.”

This story sheds light on the complexities of addiction, custody battles, and strained relationships. It highlights the challenging decisions faced by families in such situations and the emotional toll it can take on everyone involved.

#3 Owning Up to Parenting Mistakes

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“It’s because I messed up and neglected the relationship. I wasn’t the father she deserved. It’s that simple.”

Sometimes, acknowledging one’s shortcomings as a parent can be a powerful step towards reconciliation. This parent’s straightforward acknowledgment reflects a desire to make amends and become a better parent.

#4 Reflecting on Parenting Choices

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“I was very deep in resolving my own trauma when my kids were growing up. I was often distant and emotionally unavailable. I wasn’t the parent they deserved. It is the greatest sorrow of my life; I did to my kids what my mom did to me. I can’t be sorry enough.”

This parent’s introspection is a poignant reminder that the past can sometimes shape our parenting styles. It takes immense courage to acknowledge one’s shortcomings and express regret.

#5 The Hurtful Words from a Mother

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“My mother told me, three weeks after I lost my father/best friend at fourteen, that he has told her on his deathbed that ‘Adopting me was his greatest mistake.’ It stuck with me my whole life. I’m 38 now, and know it wasn’t true. But that narcissistic remark can rot in hell.”

Hurtful words from parents can leave deep scars. This user’s story reflects the lasting impact that such comments can have, even when they’re ultimately proven false.

#6 A Father’s Dark Revelation

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“My father would say that my mother lied and manipulated us into taking her side during the divorce. The truth is that he boasted to me about pulling a gun on her to ‘teach her a lesson’, and then didn’t understand why I thought that was unacceptable. I haven’t spoken to him in a decade since that discussion. To this day, I believe he was contemplating murder-suicide or family annihilation.”

Divorce can be a painful experience for families, and often, children become caught in the middle and the revelations that can come to light during estrangement can be shocking. This story is a stark reminder that some actions are simply unforgivable, and estrangement becomes a matter of self-preservation.

#7 Political Divide and Family

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“I know this wasn’t the point of this post, but I am the grown child. Five years ago, on Thanksgiving, no less, my mother told me my wife and I are bad parents because our daughter is an only child. Then, he followed it up by saying, my wife graduated from a terrible high school. Not sure where that came from. She then topped it off with an ugly racist remark about my (white) sister-in-law being married to a black man. Lastly, she said I was not allowed to tell my wife any of this. That lasted about 45 seconds. And that was the end of that.”

Thanksgiving dinners can sometimes turn into awkward family gatherings. This comment highlights the challenges of navigating political and racial divides within families and the importance of open communication.

#8 Money and Addiction

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“Mine doesn’t because I won’t give him any money because it just enables his addiction issues.”

Tough love can be a difficult but necessary approach when dealing with loved ones who struggle with addiction. Sometimes, it’s very important to set boundaries to support recovery.

#9 A Mother’s Unyielding Beliefs

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“I’m 39 and rarely talk with my mother anymore. Anytime I do, she has to bring it around to Republican talking points and no matter how often I change the subject or just express that I hate hearing that s***, she won’t stop doing it. I don’t think she fully appreciates how completely impossible it would be for me to ever believe in any of that. She thinks I’m almost there but just have yet to see the light. She’s also just wildly paranoid in general and always has these ridiculous theories about her neighbors plotting against her that are just depressing to listen to. I really tried to be a good adult son with her. I used to call her once a week. I flew out to her city and visited twice per year despite the fact that she has literally never come to visit me in the 20 years I’ve been out of the house except the one time when she needed a place to stay for her sister’s funeral. She’s just completely lost in a world of delusion, paranoia, and narcissism.”

This comment highlights the challenges of maintaining a relationship with a family member who holds extreme beliefs and exhibits paranoid behavior. It emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries when faced with relentless political or personal discussions.

#10 The Absent Father

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“From the other parent perspective, my adult children (25 and 23) do not communicate with their father at all. Long story short, he remarried about a week after our divorce was final and he and his new wife went on to have children of their own. Over time, his visits with the children became more infrequent and stressful due to his wife’s distaste for me and my children. He has had no contact with the kids in over 3 years, and his previous attempt was 4 years before that.”

This perspective provides insight into how remarriage and blended families can sometimes strain relationships with adult children from previous marriages. It’s a reminder that navigating complex family dynamics can be challenging, and estrangement can result from a myriad of factors beyond anyone’s control.

Source: Reddit.

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