10 Reasons That Stop Men From “Opening Up”

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In a world where social media threads often provide a platform for candid discussions, we stumbled upon a thread that delves into a topic many men can relate to: the challenge of opening up. From the humorous and relatable to the deeply personal, users from all walks of life shared their thoughts on what prevents them from laying bare their feelings and experiences.

In this list, we’ll explore the insights from these commenters, shedding light on the common obstacles that can make men hesitate when it comes to sharing their innermost thoughts and emotions.

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#1 The Stoic Approach

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“I’m good. I’m fine. Also known as not giving someone the ammo to shoot you with.”

The stoic approach, encapsulated by the classic response “I’m good. I’m fine,” is often seen as a protective shield against potential emotional harm. In fact, there is a common tendency among men to deflect their true feelings, presenting a facade of strength and composure.

#2 Downplayed and One-Upped

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“Every single time I do, whatever I’m talking about gets downplayed or they try to one-up me. I’m never allowed to have a moment.”

This comment touches on the frustrating experience of having one’s thoughts and feelings minimized or overshadowed by others. It illustrates the challenge some men face when attempting to express themselves, as they often feel like their concerns are dismissed or invalidated.

#3 Betrayal of Trust

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“A guy friend is a serial monogamist (series of 3-5yr relationships) and this dude used to be an open book with his girlfriends. The last two relationships ended because he found out they had told their friends (who had told THEIR friends/boyfriends) about every personal aspect of his life…”

Trust is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and this quote vividly depicts the devastating consequences when that trust is betrayed. It underscores the importance of maintaining confidentiality when someone opens up and the potential consequences of breaching that trust. It’s like having your deepest secrets broadcasted on the evening news without your consent, a breach that can leave deep scars and make future vulnerability seem like a risky endeavor.

#4 The Frustration of Being Ignored

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“No one listens. What’s the point?”

Feeling unheard and disregarded is a significant source of frustration for many men. This comment reflects the sense of futility that can come from attempting to communicate one’s thoughts and emotions when it seems like no one is genuinely listening or paying attention.

#5 Selective Openness

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“To my wife? Nothing. I’m an open book and communicate wonderfully with her. To new friends or coworkers? I’ve dealt with enough pain and loss that I don’t feel the need to open up to anyone new anymore…”

This comment highlights the contrast in how some men choose to open up selectively. They might be comfortable sharing with their long-term partners but exercise caution with newer acquaintances due to past experiences of pain and loss.

#6 Tears as a Barrier

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“I literally start crying every time I talk about my deeper feelings and what’s bothering me, so I just prefer not to do that.”

Tears can be a natural expression of deep emotions, but for some men, they become an obstacle to vulnerability. This comment reveals how the fear of crying can deter individuals from opening up about their innermost concerns.

#7 Fear of Negativity

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“It makes me feel weak and burdensome. I fear that the people I love will think less of me…”

The fear of appearing weak or burdensome to loved ones is a significant barrier to opening up. This comment indicates the concern that sharing troublesome thoughts and feelings may bring negativity into the lives of those close to us. This fear of tarnishing the atmosphere can be paralyzing and keep men from sharing their innermost struggles.

#8 Judgmental Attitudes

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“Women are judgmental.”

This opinion suggests a fear of judgment from women specifically. While it’s essential to recognize that not all women are judgmental, this perception can influence men’s decisions about opening up to female friends or partners.

#9 The Laughter Barrier

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“Getting laughed at.”

The fear of being ridiculed or laughed at is a real concern for some men when they contemplate sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings. The pain associated with not being taken seriously can be emotionally bruising and hinder further attempts at openness.

#10 Negative Past Experiences

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“Because I’ve never had a positive experience opening up. Experience has shown me that I’m truly alone in everything.”

Past negative experiences can leave a lasting impact on a person’s willingness to open up. This user’s comment emphasizes how previous disappointments have shaped the perspective of some men, making them hesitant to be vulnerable again.

Source: Reddit.

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