10 Things That a Significant Other Has Done that Made These People Go, “F*** This, We’re Done”

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Relationships are a rollercoaster ride filled with ups, downs, and unexpected twists. Sometimes, those twists can be so jaw-dropping that the only appropriate response is, “F*** this, we’re done.” We scoured social media threads to find out what made people hit the eject button on their relationships, and the responses were both shocking and, at times, oddly hilarious. Here’s a compilation of some eyebrow-raising moments that had many users questioning the sanity of their significant others.

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#1 Funeral Fiasco

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“She started a fight with someone at my gran’s funeral.”

In the realm of relationship deal-breakers, picking a fight at a funeral is like a grand slam. Many users agreed that this wasn’t just a red flag but a whole parade of them. Funerals are supposed to be somber occasions, not battlegrounds for relationship drama. It’s safe to say when emotions are running high, it’s not the time to settle petty scores.

#2 Fashion Hostage

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“Physically barricaded me in the bedroom and forced me to change into the exact outfit he wanted me to wear before we could go out to meet his friends. I put it on just so he would let me leave and then ran a couple blocks away while he was locking up and called an Uber to my friend’s house.”

Imagine being held hostage by your own wardrobe. Some users shared the unbelievable tale of being fashionably kidnapped by their significant other. While relationships often involve compromise, a fashion police lockdown is pushing it. In these cases, running for the hills—or taking an Uber to a friend’s house—seems like the only sensible option.

#3 Not-So-Happy Mother’s Day

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“Mother’s Day. Worked a 14 hour day because I covered my own shift and a call out. Get home and the ex asks me what I’m cooking for dinner. I say – maybe you can cook, it’s Mother’s Day and I just put in 14 hours. His reply was – you’re not MY f***ing mother. We had two kids together.”

Mother’s Day should be a day of appreciation, not a pop quiz on cooking duties. Many users resonated with the frustration of coming home after a long day, only to be greeted with a demand for dinner plans. When your partner forgets the essence of the day and your hard work, it’s a recipe for relationship disaster.

#4 Lockdown Drama

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Locked myself in the spare room to sleep during another one of her cocaine / alcohol breakdowns so I could make work in the morning to support her and my step-kid while she sat around eating endlessly and drinking beer, she broke in using a knife to disable the lock. Twice. In ten minutes.”

Breaking and entering the bedroom, not for a romantic rendezvous but to disable a lock with a knife—now that’s a horror story. Users shared their experiences of dealing with partners in the throes of substance abuse. It’s not just about broken locks; it’s a breach of trust and safety that had many scrambling for an exit strategy.

#5 Wedding Bells and Broken Trust

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Was in the stages of wedding planning and arrangements. Found out she was casually sleeping with her boss. That was almost 10 years ago, still kinda have trust issues.”

Wedding planning is supposed to be about flowers and cake tastings, not discovering infidelity. Users poured out their stories of trust shattering like delicate glass. The scars of betrayal lingered, proving that even a decade later, the pain is etched into their memories.

#6 The Plotting Divorce

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“Cheat. The night I caught my now ex “somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be”, I went straight home, locked myself in a room with a notebook and pen, and began plotting my divorce. Now, looking back, it was the best and smartest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.”

Cheating is the cardinal sin of relationships, and users recounted the moment they caught their partners red-handed. Instead of engaging in a screaming match, some opted for a more strategic response: plotting a divorce. In hindsight, it was a move that they considered the best decision of their lives.

#7 Animal Cruelty

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“Kicked her dog. I left immediately when she defended herself, saying ‘It’s my dog, I can do what I want to it.'”

Pets are family and harming them is a line that should never be crossed. Users shared their heart-wrenching experiences of witnessing their significant others mistreat their furry friends. Defending such actions only served as a one-way ticket to singledom.

#8 Flirting Games

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Constantly flirt with other guys to try and get me riled up.”

Flirting is an art, but using it as a weapon in a relationship is a recipe for disaster. Users described the agony of watching their partners play mind games, constantly flirting to incite jealousy. In the end, it wasn’t a playful tease; it was a relationship grenade waiting to explode.

#9 Threats and Broken Trust

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“Threatened to throw boiling water on me and lifted the pot in a motion as if she was going to do so. Couldn’t look at her the same after that one. Broke up 3-4 weeks later.”

Love should never feel like a boiling pot of water ready to scald. Users opened up about the shocking moment their partners turned violent, threatening them with harm. It was a wake-up call that propelled them towards a swift exit.

#10 Brake for Breakup

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“I dropped something on the floor of the car while we were driving. When I reached down to grab it, he slammed his foot on the brakes so my face would hit the dashboard.”

Brakes for breakups. Users shared their stories of partners turning ordinary situations into danger zones. Slamming on the brakes for a misplaced item is not just an overreaction; it’s a demonstration of a complete lack of concern for the safety and well-being of the other person in the relationship.

Source: Reddit.

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