10 Professions You Might Think Twice About Marrying or Dating

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In the ever-evolving world of dating, people have different preferences when it comes to choosing a life partner. While some look for shared interests and compatibility, others might take a more cautious approach, considering the profession of their potential significant other. A lively discussion on social media has shed light on some intriguing viewpoints, where users have candidly shared their experiences and reservations about dating individuals from specific professions.

From comedians and musicians to lawyers and prison guards, here’s a light-hearted exploration of the ten professions some people might think twice about when it comes to matters of the heart. Let’s dive into the comments and discover the reasons behind these entertaining yet thought-provoking choices.

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#1 Comedian

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“Comedian…I dated one but ended it pretty quickly. I did not want to end up being part of his set.”

Many users agree that dating a comedian can be a hilarious rollercoaster, but it might not be for everyone. While the laughter is abundant, the constant fear of becoming the punchline might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

#2 Musician

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“Dating one right now, but if this doesn’t work out, in the future I’m going to avoid musicians. The schedule is really difficult to work around and I like to sleep at reasonable hours.”

Some users suggested avoiding musicians, especially if you’re a fan of a good night’s sleep. The schedule is difficult to work around. Musicians often have late-night gigs and tours, which can be a tough adjustment for those who prefer a more conventional routine.

#3 Realtor

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“Realtor. They are ALWAYS working. and weekends are peak time.”

For many users, the idea of dating a realtor was a turn-off. The main reason? Realtors often find themselves working around the clock, and their weekends are prime time for open houses and showings. Building a relationship can be challenging when someone’s schedule is always on the go.

#4 Teacher

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“Since my divorce almost 6 years ago, I’ve online dated. 4 teachers have approached me each time and we dated. Each one was a different type of crazy but they know how to party.”

Teachers, while they’re certainly dedicated to their students, may have a reputation for coming with their own quirks. Some users shared amusing yet bewildering stories of dating teachers. Perhaps it’s the constant exposure to young, energetic minds that makes them a unique bunch.

#5 Lawyer

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“I’ve dated lawyers. To some, everything is an argument. At one point it was a red flag for me.”

Love a good debate? Well, dating a lawyer might be right up your alley. However, some users have reservations. Dating lawyers can be quite the debate. While their argumentative skills can come in handy, constant debates may not be everyone’s idea of romance.

#6 Prison Guard

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Prison guard, there’s a reason they have some of the highest domestic abuse reports out there. Plus, my ma dated one who beat her, so I may also be biased.”

The thought of dating a prison guard didn’t sit well with many. Users pointed out that the high domestic abuse reports among prison guards raised concerns. Personal experiences also played a role, with one user sharing a heartbreaking story of their mother’s relationship with a prison guard.

#7 Professional Tennis Player

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“Professional tennis players. Love means nothing to them.”

‘Love’ does mean ‘zero’ in tennis, as one user humorously pointed out. Jokes aside, the intense training and tournament schedule can leave little room for romance, which may make it challenging to maintain a strong emotional connection.

#8 Social Media Creator

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“Social Media creator – specifically influencer + tiktok + instragram.”

In the digital age, the rise of social media has given birth to a new category of professionals: social media creators and influencers. Many users had their reservations about dating someone who falls into this category, particularly due to the need to constantly capture life’s moments or to keep up appearances. It can be exhausting living your entire life in a fishbowl.

#9 Coroner or Forensic Medical Examiner

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“DO NOT marry a coroner or a forensic medical examiner. You will stay forever thin from the lack of appetite after endless stories of “What I saw at work today…”

Thinking about a career in the medical field? You might want to reconsider dating a coroner or forensic medical examiner. Avoiding a coroner or forensic medical examiner was a piece of advice from some users. The nature of their work can be quite stomach-turning at times.

#10 Doctor

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“A doctor, the money would be nice but I would like to actually spend time with them.”

While the idea of marrying a doctor might sound appealing due to the financial stability they can provide, some users had reservations. The demanding nature of the medical profession can often lead to limited quality time with a significant other.

Source: Reddit.

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