15 Popular Sayings That Will Bring On The Teenage Nostalgia

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We all know that being a teenager is a rollercoaster of emotions, trends, and expressions. It’s a time when our vocabularies get creative and, well, a tad unconventional. Who can forget those iconic phrases that once ruled the school hallways and teenage hangouts? In this trip down memory lane, we delve into the social media thread filled with nostalgic comments to explore the big and popular sayings from the past. From the ’80s Valley Girl vibes to the ’90s street smarts and the 2000s randomness, these sayings defined our teenage years. So, grab a snack, settle in, and let’s reminisce about those unforgettable phrases that made us the cool kids on the block.

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#1 “Jinx, you owe me a coke”

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Remember the good old days when you’d playfully call out, “Jinx, you owe me a coke” to your friends when you both said the same thing at the same time? This classic phrase was like a verbal contract, and it meant someone was on the hook for a refreshing Coca-Cola. Many users agree that it was a fun way to settle minor disagreements without breaking the bank on refreshments.

#2 “Like totally”

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“Like, totally” was the ultimate Valley Girl phrase that made its way into the lexicon of teens in the ’80s. It was like the verbal equivalent of hairspray and neon colors, and some users suggested that it was the perfect way to emphasize just how much you agreed with something – with an added dash of ’80s flair.

#3 “That’s wack”

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Teens of the ’90s will never forget the phrase “That’s wack.” It was a cooler way of saying something was crazy or absurd. Some users pointed out that this phrase added a touch of urban street smarts to everyday conversations.

#4 “That’s my name, don’t wear it out”

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Ah, the good old days of asserting your dominance in the name game. Some users fondly remembered saying, “That’s my name, don’t wear it out”. It was a playful way of telling others to respect your moniker while adding a touch of humor to the situation.

#5 “Kick rocks”

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If someone told you to “kick rocks,” they were basically saying, “get lost” or “go away.” Some users found this phrase handy when dealing with pesky individuals or situations that they wanted to avoid. For sassy teenagers, it was a way of telling someone to take a hike but with a more creative twist.

#6 “Booyah!”

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The ’90s brought us a plethora of catchphrases, and “booyah” was one of the most exuberant. Some users suggested that it was the ultimate expression of triumph, joy, and celebration. It’s like saying “Hooray!” but with a dash of ’90s flair and an extra dose of enthusiasm.

#7 “Talk to the hand”

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“Talk to the hand” was the ultimate comeback in the ’90s. Some users remember using it to dismiss someone they didn’t want to engage with. It was a sassy way of saying, “I’m not interested in your opinion,” and it came with an iconic hand gesture, adding an extra layer of attitude.

#8 “Cool beans”

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“Cool beans” was the laid-back way to express approval or agreement in the ’80s and ’90s. Some users noted that it was like giving a thumbs-up without the need for actual thumbs. In fact, it was a groovy way to keep conversations positive and upbeat.

#9 “That’s so random”

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The 2000s gave us the phrase, “That’s so random.” Some users pointed out that it was the go-to phrase for describing something completely unexpected or out of the ordinary. This phrase added an element of surprise and intrigue to everyday conversations.

#10 “What-ever!”

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“Whatever” is the ultimate expression of teenage indifference. Some users recalled that it was a sassy and dismissive way to show you just didn’t care about what someone was saying. Teenagers used it to end an argument or simply convey your lack of interest.

#11 “All that and a bag of chips”

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In the ’90s, “All that and a bag of chips” was the ultimate way to describe someone or something that was exceptionally great. Some users reminisced about using this phrase to give their friends a good-natured compliment or to emphasize how impressive something was.

#12 “Been there, done that”

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“Been there, done that” was the way to express that you had already experienced something, and it was no big deal. Some users mentioned that this phrase was often used to downplay the excitement or significance of an event, adding a touch of nonchalance to your response.

#13 “That’s so gay”

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It’s important to note that the phrase “That’s so gay” has evolved over time. Originally, it was used in a derogatory manner to insult something as being “lame” or “uncool.” However, as times have changed, many users now understand the importance of using respectful language and avoiding derogatory terms.

#14 “Alrighty then!”

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Remember Jim Carrey’s iconic catchphrase from the movie “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”? Some users fondly reminisced about saying, “Alrighty then!” to add a touch of zany enthusiasm to their conversations, channeling their inner Ace Ventura.

#15 “Guess what?”

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“Guess what?” was the ultimate conversation starter for curious teens. Some users mentioned that it was a simple and effective way to pique someone’s interest and share exciting news or stories. It was the gateway to some memorable tales from your teenage years.

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