11 People Who Were ‘Hated At Hello!’ – How NOT To Make A First Impression

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First impressions can be powerful, and sometimes, a single sentence is all it takes to make us wonder if we’ll ever get along with someone. In a social media thread, users shared their encounters with individuals who left them with a lasting, often negative, impression. From pretentious proclamations to downright offensive comments, these stories shed light on those moments when you just know you’re not going to be friends. Join us as we explore these statements that set the tone for less-than-promising relationships.

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#1 The Ordering Overlord

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“‘I already decided what to order, and sorry, not sorry if you’re offended, but we’re gonna eat what I’m ordering. You’ll thank me for it.’ This was a person I was meeting for the first time.”

Starting a friendship with a meal mandate is like inviting someone to dance and dictating every step. Many users can relate to the discomfort of having their choices overridden, especially by someone they’ve just met. It’s a humorous reminder that dining out should be a shared experience, not a culinary dictatorship.

#2 The Strict French Teacher

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“My old French teacher in 8th grade. It took her not even 5 minutes for us to hate her. ‘I don’t like any of you, I’m not your friend but a teacher to annoying brats. You’ll do as I say when I say it, and complainers get a 6 (Equivalent to an F) for this class.’ Her husband was a pretty cool guy, though.”

This teacher’s tough approach from day one wasn’t the best way to start things off. It’s like meeting someone who doesn’t care about being liked at all. But what added a touch of humor to the story was the fact that her husband was the complete opposite.

#3 The Alpha Assertion

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“I’m an alpha.”

When someone confidently declares themselves an “alpha,” it’s like they’re trying out for the lead role in a human pack. This kind of statement can make people raise their eyebrows and maybe even chuckle. The concept of alpha personalities in human social dynamics is a bit like a hotly debated topic, and many users might find such declarations more amusing than impressive.

#4 The Polyamory Promoter

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“‘I’m polyamorous. Monogamy is an outdated holdover and creates hurtful limitations.’ No one but the host of the party knew this woman. She said this at a party where literally everyone in the room was in a happy, functional monogamous marriage but her. She chastised me about an hour later for whispering something to my wife that made my wife giggle… woman said, “no secrets!!” Like she was trying to do some kind of polygamy coaching or something. It was bizarre.”

This story takes us to a party with a peculiar guest who has a mission to spread her relationship philosophy. The humorous twist comes from her attempt to enforce her views on others in the most unexpected of ways.

#5 The Faux Friendship Expert

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“‘I never have very close or deep friendships; I just get along with everyone.’ I didn’t dislike her or anything, but I knew we won’t be close. Later, I found out she talks bad about people behind their back.”

The contrast between claiming to get along with everyone and engaging in gossip is quite a paradox. This story is a reminder that authenticity in friendships goes beyond just getting along on the surface. It highlights the importance of trust and transparency in building meaningful relationships.

#6 The Music Critic

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“We were at a wedding, and Stone Temple Pilots came on. My sister’s new boyfriend said, ‘ugh. I hate Eddie Vedder’s voice so much.'”

At a joyful event like a wedding, music is often a unifying force, but not for this attendee. This humorous anecdote underscores how diverse musical tastes can lead to amusing clashes of opinion. It’s a reminder that even at weddings, harmony isn’t always guaranteed, especially when it comes to personal preferences.

#7 The Ageist Accuser

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“I heard a 20-year-old girl at my job trying to talk down to another guy because he’s in his 40s with no kids. ‘You’re 40 with no kids! What do you know about the world?’ in the most hateful tone. I’ve never spoken to her before and never will.”

Making sweeping judgments based on age can be as misguided as assuming a book’s content based solely on its cover. This story highlights the pitfalls of age-related stereotypes and the importance of not underestimating or belittling others based on their life choices.

#8 The “Honest” Individual

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“It’s usually the people who immediately just start saying things like, ‘I just call it as I see it,’ or, ‘I’m just being honest.’ Stuff like that, which is really just a way they like to justify themselves as being an a*****e or overly judgmental.”

Declarations of unfiltered honesty often serve as a thinly veiled excuse for tactlessness. The humor here lies in the irony of how such self-proclaimed “honesty” can often be the opposite.

#9 The Palate Prodigy

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“‘I believe that I have a much more developed palate than most people,’ said in a very condescending, loud voice at a restaurant.”

Dining with a self-proclaimed palate connoisseur can be as entertaining as attending a Shakespearean play performed by your 10 year old nephew. This story highlights the amusing side of culinary snobbery, where loud proclamations about refined tastes often fall flat. It serves as a reminder that the joy of food is subjective, and everyone’s palate is unique.

#10 The Unapologetic Racist

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“They said, ‘I’m not racist, but blacks and whites shouldn’t have babies together. It’s disgusting.’ After three seconds, I recognized he was serious.”

Some statements are so offensive that there’s no room for humor. This story is a stark reminder that bigotry can reveal itself in the most unexpected moments.

#11 The Job Market Commentator

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“Every where’s hiring but nobody wants to work!”

This statement humorously highlights the disparity between job seekers’ perceptions and the reality of the job market. The humor here lies in the contrast between individual perspectives and broader economic conditions, showing that sometimes, we all need a reality check.

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