10 Shocking Stories Of People Getting Fired On The First Day

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We’ve all heard stories of new coworkers making a big impression, but sometimes it’s not in the way they had hoped. Today, we’re diving into a hilarious yet cautionary slide show on the fastest ways some new hires managed to get themselves fired. From bizarre excuses to shocking behavior, these anecdotes from various social media threads will leave you both amused and bewildered. So, let’s jump right in!

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#1 The Lightning-Quick Exit

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“6 hours. Call center job. She showed up to orientation on day 1 about an hour late. Hey stuff happens. Then we go on a 15 min break. She goes out to take a phone call, comes back in after about 45 min. We go to lunch, it’s 30 minutes. She comes back over an hour later. We go on afternoon break, when the 15 min break is up, one of the trainers gets up and steps out in the hall and closes the door behind him. We hear her arrive and argue with him about 20 minutes after that. He comes back in and gets the stuff she left at her desk and we never see her again.”

In the world of rapid terminations, this coworker’s saga takes the cake. Arriving late on the first day is something many can understand, but this individual seemed to be testing the limits of their newfound employment from the get-go. Extended breaks, a heated argument, and an abrupt disappearance make for a memorable, albeit short-lived, career. It’s a lesson in the importance of punctuality and professionalism on day one.

#2 The Unlucky Streak

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“First day, her grandmother died. Understandable. Second day, her car broke down. Bad luck. Third day she had no electricity and couldn’t blow dry her hair. She was told not to bother coming in at all.”

Some days just seem cursed, and for this coworker, it was an unfortunate sequence of events that led to an early exit. While the first-day absence due to a family tragedy is understandable, the subsequent mishaps painted a picture of unreliability. It’s a reminder that life can throw curveballs, but consistent attendance is essential for any job.

#3 World of Warcraft Woes

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“A guy at my work was caught playing World of Warcraft for hours each day. Boss called him in and told him that was wholly unacceptable and he had to stop immediately or he’d be canned. Less than an hour later, IT calls the same boss and says the guy is back in his office playing again. He was let go that day.”

Gaming addiction can be a real issue, especially when it interferes with work responsibilities. In this case, the coworker’s dedication to World of Warcraft led to a swift firing. The boss’s warning fell on deaf ears, and the coworker’s return to gaming sealed his fate. It’s a cautionary tale about maintaining a balance between work and leisure, even in the digital age.

#4 The Pizza Delivery Dash

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“Day 1, delivering pizzas. I was the trainer. Dude wasn’t familiar with the town at all (this was before GPS was a thing). Second delivery, he gets in the car, and proceeds to floor it in the parking lot, showing off all 80 horsepower for the 30 feet before slamming on the brakes to turn onto the main street, nearly hitting a customer and her young child. I say whoah, slow down in the Parking lot, you almost hit that kid. ‘F*** em’ was his response. That was his last delivery, lasted all of about 90 minutes.”

Delivering pizzas might seem like a straightforward gig, but it requires responsibility and safety. This new delivery driver, however, had other ideas. His reckless driving and callous attitude toward pedestrians led to an abrupt end to his pizza-delivering career. This tale reminds everyone that even seemingly simple jobs demand professionalism and consideration.

#5 A Dream Turned Nightmare

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“Coworker sent an email to a female team member that he had a dream the night before that they had gotten married and he ‘impregnated her.’ She sat across from me and I literally saw her face as she read the email. A strange look came across her face, then she walked into the manager’s office. She left the office, and he got called in and less than a minute later was packing his things. I believe from start to finish it took less than 5 minutes for him to send the email and get fired.”

In the age of workplace sensitivity and respectful communication, this coworker’s email blunder was a swift path to unemployment. His inappropriate content and lack of judgment had immediate consequences. This is why maintaining professionalism in all forms of communication is crucial in the modern workplace.

#6 Forklift Fiasco

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“New guy came in to work hammered out of his mind and started trying to operate a forklift right in front of the regional safety manager.”

Operating heavy machinery while intoxicated is a recipe for disaster, and this new coworker learned that the hard way. His decision to show up to work intoxicated and attempt to operate a forklift was not only a safety hazard but also a clear violation of workplace rules.

#7 The Office Abrasion

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“We hired a woman who turned out to be pretty abrasive. How she got hired, I have no idea. Our secretary was the sweetest lady in the office and never complained until this new hire talked with her for a few minutes. Right after talking to this horrible person, she approached the boss and said she would walk off the job if this new worker stayed on with us. By lunch, half the office was ready to walk off the job because of this abrasive person. She just had an utterly horrible way of talking to people that made them feel degraded and enraged. She was let go at the end of the day.”

A toxic personality in the workplace can poison the entire environment. In this case, a new coworker’s abrasive communication style had colleagues on the brink of revolt. The fact that even the sweetest colleague threatened to quit speaks volumes about the impact of such behavior. It’s a clear example of how interpersonal skills are just as crucial as job skills.

#8 The Register Regret

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“When I was in college working at Walmart (cashier), I trained a girl on the register one evening. Maybe a week later, she comes through my lane buying groceries. I ask her how she’s been, since I haven’t seen her since the day after I trained her, and she tells me, unprompted, she’s waiting on her court date. One of her friends went through her checkout lane, but she only actually scanned about a third of the items. About $1,500 of merchandise went out the door free of charge. My response out loud was, ‘oh.’ My response in my head was, ‘did you seriously not see the camera mounted above every single register???'”

This story is a lesson in both ethics and the importance of being aware of workplace surveillance. Stealing from your own workplace is a risky move, especially when there are security cameras everywhere. In this case, a coworker not only attempted theft but also confessed to it unprompted. The surprise court date likely came as no surprise to anyone else.

#9 Life Story Overshare

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“Showed up and just instantly dropped her entire life story on the boss, preventing them from doing work and not doing any work her whole first shift. Boss gave her another chance and the next day she just sat in the back in tears over a text she got for the whole day.”

Sharing personal stories can be a way to connect with colleagues, but oversharing can have the opposite effect. This coworker’s tendency to divulge her entire life story on the first day not only disrupted work but also set a concerning precedent. The tears that followed the next day signaled that her approach to professionalism needed some adjustment.

#10 A Director’s Swift Exit

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“We hired a director for our office. About a week later the women in the office were complaining about him, saying he was sexist. Turns out he was in a meeting and a woman tried speaking, and he told her that her opinion didn’t matter. He was gone within a couple days.”

Leaders in the workplace should promote equality and respect among their team members. In this case, a director’s dismissive attitude toward a woman’s input led to accusations of sexism. The swift response, which saw him gone within days, underscores the importance of fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment.

Source: Reddit.

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