10 Ridiculously Overpriced Items, Yet You Still Buy It

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As consumers, we know that spending money can be difficult. We all want to get the most out of our hard-earned money, and sometimes we find ourselves in situations where a specific item is ridiculously overpriced, yet we still buy it.

Someone recently asked, “Which item is ridiculously overpriced, yet you still buy it?” Here are the top-voted answers.

1. Food

“I am going to brunch tomorrow, but I got pre-approved for a loan for a two-egg omelette,” someone replied jokingly. Another added to the ongoing joke about food prices and said, “I dropped an egg on the floor yesterday morning and had to call and remortgage my house.”

Did you know? In 2022, food-at-home prices increased by 11.4%. Between 1914 and 2022, the inflation in food prices averaged around 3.46%, so can you see why food is number one on this list?

2. Coffee

“Starbucks coffee,” replied one. Another shared, “I’m glad my small town has a good coffee shop that’s not Starbucks. They have about the same coffee that’s about half the price.”

If you’re a fan of coffee, you likely have an idea of how much you spend on your daily cup, but do you know how much that adds up to over the course of a year? And how does your favorite Starbucks treat compare to Dunkin’ or Caribou? It’s time to find out here!

3. Guacamole

While one Reddit user complained about the price of Guacamole, another added, “Yeah, a dollar for one avocado fruit is crazy. Similar to one mango fruit. Messed up.”

A third user shared their recipe for the dip to make guacamole at home instead of purchasing it. This user said, “So easy to make – I smash some avocados, add some store-bought salsa and good lime juice (not from concentrate) and a little salt. Done. At gatherings, people always love my guac, and it couldn’t be easier.”

Looking for more inspiration? Here are some recipes on Food Network and All Recipes that are tried and tested by thousands of home cooks.

4. Tampons

While tampons were called out for being ridiculously overpriced, one user jumped to share their wallet-friendly alternative and said, “Pretty much why I went to using a divacup.”

Another user added, “I’ve heard horror stories of cups creating a strong suction and turning the inside into an outside, so I know it isn’t for everyone.”

Rest assured, a Lancet Public Health study found menstrual cups were perfectly safe and an effective alternative to tampons or pads.

5. Water

“Water, especially at events. No reason water should cost $5+,” replied one. Another added, “I went to a place for a trip once, and the water there was $13. When I bought it, it wasn’t even cold.”

What’s the most you’d be willing to pay for a bottle of water? When the cost of an alternative drink is lower than that of water, would you choose it instead? It may be time to invest in a reusable bottle and carry your own water.

6. NFL Tickets

One user said, “Tickets to Eagles games and concerts. I just paid $315 to see the Eagles-Giants game.”

Another added, “My wife and I spent over $600 to see the Bills/Dolphins game. Playoff tickets are stupid expensive.”

Want to see how your favorite NFL team compares? Here are 5 NFL franchises with the most expensive tickets in the 2022-23 NFL season. How much would you be willing to pay?

7. K cups

K cups are single-use coffee pods, usually made from plastic. As per The Commons Cafe, K cups are over 400% more expensive than ground coffee, but they are immensely popular because of how convenient it is to use them.

This suggestion from one Reddit user started a lengthy conversation on whether K cups are a smart choice if you want to be environment-friendly.

“And they’re so bad for the environment, too,” replied one. Another shared, “It’s not quite that clear cut, actually. A standard drip machine with a paper filter can be worse when water usage is considered. I’d always assumed they were awful as well, so I use a reusable filter in mine, but apparently, it’s not quite the case.”

If you’re interested in minimizing your carbon footprint, here are the 5 best biodegradable K cups that will save the planet and your conscience.

8. Printer Ink

“Ink for your home printers. It’s probably cheaper to go to a local copy store and print what you need and pay the price per sheet,” replied one.

Looking for cheaper ink cartridges and tips on how to make your ink last longer? Check out this article.

9. Insurance

“Insurance of all types. The industry is designed so that it’s a bad investment for you regardless of what happens,” someone replied.

10. Razors

One user said, “Razor blades. Those ‘refills’ are way too overpriced. It’s cheaper to buy one full set with one spare refill included than to buy a box of three refills.”

Another suggested an alternative to save cost, “Get an electric / battery-charged razor. I’ve had mine for roughly ten years, and it still works as good as new.”

In addition, consider that manual razors will give you a clean, close shave, while electric razors are great if you have sensitive skin or are short on time.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or do you not agree with this list?

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