Motley Fool Review 2023: Is the Stock Advisor Worth It?

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review

Researching stocks is time-consuming. Figuring out which stocks are worth buying and keeping track of their performance can be a daunting task. That’s where Motley Fool comes in! For over two decades, the company has provided investors with stock market advice through its online service, Stock Advisor.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at whether or not Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is worth your money. We analyze how it works, break down the good and bad, and reveal who should join and who should skip it. Finally, we’ll examine whether Motley Fool stock picks actually make money and beat the market over time.

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The Motley Fool was founded in 1993 by brothers David and Tom Gardner. They offer a variety of premium services to over 1.75 million people across the world.


Their investment philosophy is based on the belief that anyone can become a successful investor if they have access to good information and make smart decisions. To this end, they provide free education and resources on their website so that investors can learn about investing and make informed choices. In addition, they have a team of analysts who research stocks and provide recommendations for each portfolio.

Past stock picks are available on the website, so you can see how individual stocks have performed over time. You can also read reviews and recommendations from other Fool members.

Motley Fool - Stock Advisor Overview

The Stock Advisor is Motley Fool’s award-winning service. It is a paid membership that provides ongoing investment recommendations and advice from a team of dedicated analysts on stocks that are poised to beat the market.

This premium service will give you access to:

  • 2 new stock pick recommendations, delivered monthly.
  • 10 timely stock buy recommendations chosen from over 300 stocks.
  • Foundational stock recommendations for new and experienced investors.
  • Community and investing resources that include access to educational materials and a supportive community of investors to help you invest better.

Who is Stock Advisor Good For?

If you’re an investor who likes to invest in individual stocks, does not have the time or expertise to conduct in-depth market research, and has the appetite to withstand the risk, then Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is a great option. 

Their stock-picking strategies are based on growth and value investing principles. As a result, they focus on opportunities to make money by buying stocks when they’re undervalued and selling them when their prices increase.

However, if you don’t have the risk tolerance to withstand the occasional losses that comes with picking individual stocks, then Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor may not be a good fit for you. And while their stock picks have outperformed the S&P 500 in the past, it’s difficult to predict how stocks will perform over time.

Check out our detailed review on Morningstar Premium that offers its members safer investment options such as mutual funds, ETFs, etc.

We always recommend that you do your own research into the companies and investments that Stock Advisor recommends. This will help ensure that you’re comfortable before investing your hard-earned dollars.

How Do Their Stock Picks Perform?

Take a look at the returns below. $10,000 invested in S&P500 in 2002 would be worth approximately $50,000 today. Whereas $10,000 invested using the advice of Stock Advisor between 2002 to today would be worth close to $370,000.

In a nutshell, Stock Advisor’s service has traditionally led to a much better return than the S&P500. $320,000 better!

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Performance 2002-2022
Image Credit: Motley Fool.

How Much Does The Stock Advisor Cost?

Motley Fool charges new members only $99 for a full year of access to the Stock Advisor. Signing up today will give you immediate access to their latest stock picks. Here’s what we love about Motley Fool – they’re confident in their Stock Advisor service, so much so that they even offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee.


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Alternatively, new members also have the option to sign up for a monthly service for $39 per month. You will have the ability to cancel the service at any time but are not eligible for refunds.

Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line – if you’re looking for an investment service that conducts extensive research and analysis, offers ongoing stock recommendations, and has traditionally outperformed the market over time – then Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is your choice!

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