10 Extraordinary Tales of “Lifetime Supply” Jackpots From The People Who Won Them

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Ever heard the phrase, “winning the lottery”? Well, these users did, but with a quirky twist! They snagged “lifetime” supplies that turned out to be more fascinating than expected. From endless mooing chocolate milk to enough Oreos to last an apocalypse, these stories will tickle your funny bone. Get ready for a ride through the wacky world of unexpected abundance and a few chuckles along the way.

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#1 Lifetime Supply of Mini Chocolate Milk Cartons

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“That was in 2007. I’m still getting milk shipped to me lol my fiancé drinks it because I’ve grown to hate milk.”

One user struck it rich, winning a never-ending stash of mini chocolate milk cartons during a school event. The unique twist here was that if the milk carton made a mooing sound, they had to notify the company, and more would keep arriving. However, now, the user’s fiancée is the one happily drinking all that milk. Why? The initial excitement of the milk gradually wore off for the user, while the fiancée developed a newfound appreciation for it. So, in a humorous twist of fate, it’s as if the fiancée inherited a lifelong subscription to chocolate milk!

#2 Year-Long Smoothie Extravaganza

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When a new Tropical Smoothie Cafe opened in their neighborhood, one couple decided to brave a three-hour line to be among the first 50 customers. Their reward? “Free smoothies for a year.” While it turned out to be one smoothie per week, they still got 52 free smoothies each, which wasn’t a bad deal after all. That’s one way to get your daily fruit fix!

#3 Lifetime of Vet Visits for a Kitten

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Eighteen years ago, another user won a “lifetime” of vet visits for their cat. The catch was that the clinic expected to award it to someone with an old pet, not a young kitten. Remarkably, the cat is still alive, and the vet clinic has rebranded multiple times but continues to honor the award. That’s one healthy cat!

#4 Jam-Packed Year of Entertainment

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“I was offering tickets to my friends all the time.”

One user struck gold when they won two tickets to every event at a nearby theater for a whole year. In that time, he attended 15 concerts and 20 comedy shows, sharing the excitement with friends and using the tickets to impress his now-girlfriend. What a fantastic way to spend a year!

#5 The Quest for the White M&M

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“My mom almost ate the white m&m that they promoted like 25 years ago – if you find it, send it in, you get a lifetime supply of m&ms.”

A long time ago, one user’s family joined a treasure hunt promoted by M&M’s. They were searching for a special white M&M, and if they found it, they’d get M&M’s for life. But when they won, they didn’t get heaps of M&M’s. Instead, they got vouchers, like special coupons, that lots of stores wouldn’t take. With eight siblings, they used up this “lifetime” supply in only a month.

#6 A Lubricated Legacy

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“He died in 2019, my mom still has 2 cans.”

In the 1990s, one stepdad won a lifetime supply of WD-40, which is a lubricant. But surprisingly, he only got four small cans of it. Many years later, even though he had passed away, his widow still had two of those cans left. Guess those things last forever!

#7 Donuts and Family Drama

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One user’s sweet tooth scored him a “lifetime” supply of donuts at a local bakery, up to a dozen per day. Sadly, the enjoyment only lasted for two years before the original owner passed away, leaving the business in the hands of his less-than-pleasant son. Donut dreams shattered!

#8 Institutional-Grade Toiletries

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“It’s all institutional grade. Like what you’d expect prisoners to use.”

Another user’s parents won a “lifetime” supply of toiletries, including soap and toilet tissue, through a coupon-based system. The catch? The items they received were of a basic, industrial quality, much like what you’d find in large institutions. Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but sometimes, it’s more industrial.

#9 A Lifetime of Smooth Shaves

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During their college days, a friend of one user struck gold with a “lifetime” supply of Gillette razors. He received a crate filled with Mach 3 razors and refill cartridges. Using up that many razors in a single lifetime might be a challenge, especially if he ever decides to grow a beard.

#10 The Oreo Overload

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“I gave away so many Oreos! Having a party ? I’ll bring a bunch of Oreos. Break room needs snacks? Oreos. I ended up donating like 400lbs of Oreos to a shelter, just to get them out of my garage.”

Talk about an Oreo extravaganza! This fortunate individual won a colossal “lifetime” supply of Oreos, receiving an entire pallet of these beloved cookies, tipping the scales at a staggering 1000 pounds. The best part? He became the Oreo ambassador, sharing his fortune by generously giving away a mountain of cookies. An Oreo party anyone?

Source: Reddit.

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