12 Things That Would Happen If Everyone Over 70 Died Tomorrow

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It’s a thought experiment that tickles the imagination—what would happen if everyone over the age of 70 vanished from the Earth overnight? On a social media thread, users dived into this curious scenario, offering some surprising and thought-provoking insights. From the impact on stock markets to the future of political landscapes, here’s a whimsical yet intriguing exploration of a world without our beloved seniors.

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#1 Stock Market Mayhem

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“Butterscotch stocks would plummet.”

While it’s not about actual butterscotch, this user’s tongue-in-cheek comment draws attention to the financial ramifications. A significant portion of the stock market is held by older investors. Without them, there could indeed be some interesting market fluctuations, though not necessarily in butterscotch.

#2 A Shakeup in Senior Care

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“Layoffs at retirement centers.”

With the sudden disappearance of seniors, retirement centers and nursing homes would face a challenging reality. The reduced demand for services would likely result in staff layoffs and a reimagining of the eldercare industry.

#3 The Grave Reality

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“Mass graves for millions of corpses that would be decaying in homes and streets with no capacity for coroners and cemeteries to take them fast enough.”

This rather grim perspective highlights the logistical nightmare of dealing with a sudden loss of life. It’s a stark reminder of the importance of our elderly in society, not only for their wisdom but also for their sheer numbers.

#4 The Worried 69-Year-Olds

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“All the 69 year olds would get really nervous.”

A humorous twist on the scenario, this user imagines the anxiety of those teetering on the edge of the 70-year mark. It’s a reminder that age can be a state of mind, and for some, the number 70 is a looming milestone.

#5 No More Walmart Greeters

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“No Walmart greeters.”

This simple observation brings a touch of lightheartedness to the discussion. The absence of elderly Walmart greeters is a quirky reminder of the everyday roles seniors play in society, even when they’re not at work.

#6 Political Puzzles

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“US politics would be interesting.”

A world without senior citizens could have significant implications in politics. This user hints at the potential shifts in voting demographics and the adjustment of policies to cater to a different age group. Also, a surprising number of politicians are over the age of 70. This would lead to a lot of empty seats, including the sitting President Of The United States.

#7 A Chaotic Funeral Scene

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“A large funeral and governments falling apart.”

The practicalities of managing a sudden loss of a significant portion of the population would indeed be chaotic. Funerals, the legal process, and even the functioning of governments would be profoundly impacted.

#8 A Grandparent’s Grief

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“I would be sad because of my grandparents. Decent people.”

Amid the whimsical speculations, a user reminds us of the emotional impact. The loss of beloved grandparents and older family members would be a profound source of grief for many.

#9 Retirement Community Disarray

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“The villages would be wiped out.”

In this tongue-in-cheek comment, the reference to “The Villages” (a famous retirement community) underscores the importance of these specialized living arrangements. Their disappearance would leave a void in the housing market.

#10 Grief and Chaos

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“Lots of grieving people, even more people scared they are next and demanding answers yesterday. Utter chaos trying to bury so many people at once.”

In the midst of the chaos, grief would be the most overwhelming emotion. This user’s comment reflects the emotional turbulence that would grip society.

#11 A Real Estate Slump

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“Residential real estate market would crash.”

This astute observation highlights the significance of the senior population in the real estate market. Their departure would indeed have a profound impact on property values and market stability.

#12 Lone Barnaby Jones Viewer

TV remote
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“I’d be the only one watching Barnaby Jones.”

A humorous touch to wrap up our list. The disappearance of seniors would impact even TV viewership, leaving the faithful viewer of “Barnaby Jones” in splendid isolation.

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