I Cheated On My Husband With His Best Friend. Am I a Terrible Human Being, and How Do I Cope With This?

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Someone asked a question on social media recently, wondering if she was a terrible human being for cheating on her husband with his best friend. We aren’t sure what she was expecting, but unsurprisingly, people let her know exactly what they thought about the situation.

Here are responses from various users, ranging from blunt assessments to strong condemnations of the situation and the woman’s actions.

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#1 Timothy Dowell: Offers a Blunt Assessment of the Situation, Emphasizing the Gravity of the User’s Actions.

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“Oh, here we go. Listen, I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you: you screwed up, big time. This isn’t some minor fender bender we’re talking about; you crashed into a *** wall at full speed. You cheated on your husband with his best friend, and trust me, there’s no good way to paint that picture.”

#2 Ben Kennedy: Highlights the Severity of the User’s Actions and Questions Their Expectations, Ultimately Labeling Them as a Terrible Person.

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“I am not sure what answer you expect, clearly you know that cheating in itself is terrible. But the fact you did it with your husband’s best friend is worse, you literally have destroyed two of your husband’s relationships with one act… You are a terrible person.”

#3 Chuck Sears: Explicitly States That the User Is a Terrible Person and Advises Them to Divorce Their Husband for His Sake.

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“Yes, you are. You have no honor or integrity, and you have clearly shown that you have no respect for your husband. The best thing you can do for him is divorce him and get the hell out of his life so he can find someone better.”

#4 Nicholas Pennine: Shares Personal Experience and Strongly Suggests Honesty and Leaving for the Husband’s Well-Being While Criticizing the User’s Actions.

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“As someone who’s had this happen to them, go be honest about it, get out of his life and never turn back. The best thing you can do is let him heal and find someone better than you… Yeah you suck.”

#5 Confessions / Personal Stories (Polet): Expresses Strong Disapproval of the User’s Actions and Suggests Seeking Forgiveness From God While Condemning the User’s Behavior.

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“If this doesn’t make you a terrible person, then what does? Now you’re online hoping to get support from people to tell you to go easy on yourself and that we all make mistakes… So damn disgusting.”

#6 Confessions / Personal Stories (Stephen Cilley): Criticizes the User’s Behavior as Untrustworthy and Deceitful, Suggesting They Should Let the Husband Go For His Peace of Mind.

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“Cheating on your spouse makes you an untrustworthy person. Cheating on your spouse with your spouse’s best friend not only makes you untrustworthy, it also makes you deceitful… Just let the man go in peace without the image of his ‘friend’ doing his wife.”

#7 David Han: Advises the User To Leave Their Husband, Emphasizing the Damage Done by Their Actions and Expressing Concern for the Husband.

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“Leave him without robbing him on your way out. Best thing you can do for him. He was stabbed in the front by you and in the back by his best friend. Poor guy. This is why men don’t commit or marry women anymore.”

#8 Nayr Sllew: Asserts That Cheating Is a Choice and Advises the User To Come Clean and Offer an Uncontested Divorce While Criticizing the Idea That Cheating Is a Mistake.

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“Let’s be clear, you made a CHOICE to cheat. People who are saying everyone makes mistakes are ones who probably have no experience with infidelity… offer your husband an uncontested divorce if he wants to split.”

#9 John Gardner: Defends the User From Being Labeled as a Terrible Human Being but Strongly Criticizes Their Actions, Suggesting They Leave.

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“No, you are not a terrible human being. *** happens. Now you are a real piece of *** to even cheat, let alone with his so called best friend who isn’t a friend at all… Should probably pack your bags tonight cheater.”

#10 Metis Chan: Advises the User To Stay Away From Their Husband’s Best Friend, Emphasizing the Friend’s Role in the Situation.

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“You did a terrible thing, you broke your vow of faithfulness. To top it all you decided to cheat with no other person than his best friend. It’s not like cheating with another person makes it okay. It doesn’t. Just let him go, so that he can heal and find someone who will respect their vow.”

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