14 Hygiene Tips And Tricks To Smell Fresh and Look Clean At All Times

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When it comes to maintaining good hygiene, we can all use a little extra knowledge. On social media, users have shared some invaluable hygiene tips and tricks that are easy to follow. From tackling stubborn armpit odors to cleaning the often-forgotten belly button, and even some surprising advice like maintaining clean earrings, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive into this list and explore the wisdom of the users on staying fresh and clean.

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#1: The Armpit Pre-Wash

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“And if that doesn’t remove the smell from the clothes, use sports wash detergent. That’ll get rid of it.”

Have you ever felt like your laundry isn’t quite doing the trick when it comes to pesky armpit smells? Some users suggest giving the armpit area a quick pre-wash with antibacterial soap before tossing your clothes in the laundry. It’s a game-changer for that fresh laundry scent.

#2: Don’t Forget the Bellybutton

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“I lay on my back and fill my belly button with hydrogen peroxide to avoid that feeling lol.”

Your bellybutton is a spot that’s often overlooked, but users emphasize that keeping it clean is crucial for overall hygiene. Remember to give it some attention to maintain your cleanliness standards.

#3: Behind-the-Ears Clean-Up

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“I pierce ears and the amount of people with nasty ears is astounding.”

Hygiene goes beyond the obvious places, as users point out. Don’t forget to clean behind your ears, as it’s an area that can easily be missed during your daily wash routine.

#4: Brush Those Teeth, Morning and Night

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“And floss at night!”

It may seem like common sense, but not everyone knows that you should brush your teeth both in the morning and at night. Maintaining dental hygiene is a two-times-a-day job, so don’t skip that nighttime brush!

#5: Earring Hygiene

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Earrings can add style to your look, but they can also accumulate unpleasant odors if not cleaned regularly. Users recommend cleaning your earrings and piercings weekly to keep them smelling fresh and looking their best.

#6: Perfume vs. Deodorant

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“And neither is supposed to substitute a shower.”

One common misconception is that perfume can replace deodorant. However, it’s not the case, as users point out. Perfume might smell nice, but it won’t combat body odor. Remember to use deodorant as well.

#7: Water is the Key

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“I used to get really bad headaches all the time. If I drink enough water I feel great, if I don’t I get what feels like a hangover and I don’t even drink!”

Drinking plenty of water isn’t just about staying hydrated; it also has significant effects on your skin, dental health, and overall well-being, as users highlight. Water plays a vital role in maintaining your health and hygiene.

#8: Scented Drawers

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“You can also use dryer sheets. Also some candles do “sweat” after sitting in place and not being burned, I don’t know how long it takes. It can stain.”

If you have an excess of scented candles, consider using them to keep your clothes smelling fresh, as some users suggest. You don’t even have to burn them—simply place one in your clothes drawer, and your shirts will smell fantastic.

#9: Nail Care

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Cleaning under your nails is essential for hygiene, and nail brushes are an affordable and straightforward tool to achieve this, according to users. They help keep your nails and fingers looking and smelling fresh.

#10: Don’t Forget Your Feet

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“I have a foot brush that sticks to the bottom of the shower so I don’t have to bend over (for people like me with knee and back rebellion). It feels nice.”

A gentle reminder from users: letting the water run over your feet in the shower isn’t sufficient. Properly washing your feet is essential to ensure they remain clean and odor-free.

#11: Sanitize Your Phone

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Our phones are exposed to a lot of germs daily. To keep your phone clean, some users recommend using eyeglass alcohol wipes. They’re small and effective for sanitizing your device.

#12: Tongue Scraping

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Tongue scraping may not be the most glamorous part of your routine, but it’s essential for good oral hygiene, as users emphasize. It helps eliminate bacteria and bad breath, so don’t forget this often-overlooked step.

#13: Men, Use Lotion

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Inspired by comedian Bill Burr, some users advise men to use lotion. Dealing with dry skin can be quite bothersome , especially in winter. Using body cream can help keep your skin supple and prevent that dreaded winter itch and flaking that makes you look unhygienic.

#14: Elbow and Knee TLC

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“Or exfoliate with a gentle cloth right at the end of your shower, once the skin is soaked.”

After a shower, some users recommend giving your elbows and knees some extra attention. Scrubbing these areas with your towel while drying off helps remove water-soaked dead skin, leaving your skin smoother and healthier.

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