You Get $1000 a Person You Annoy. What Is the Fastest Way You Can Become a Billionaire?

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When a person is annoying, they are usually unpopular and will suddenly find any room they enter empties soon. But what if you could become a billionaire simply by annoying as many people as possible?

What if you were offered $1,000 for each person you drive up the wall? Just think of it. This question was posed to embers of a prominent internet forum, and did they have some hilarious ideas? Yes, they did.

1. Put Power Outlet Stickers on the Walls at the Airport

If you have ever traveled a long distance through multiple airports, you know how frustrating it is to find a plug to charge any of your electronic devices in good working order that someone has yet to snag for themselves.

Putting power outlet stickers on walls at the airport is an idea that is low-key and intelligent. A small amount of effort is setting them up, but once you do, the rage will flow. This idea is more along the lines of the concept of passive income. One user called this plan “playing the long game.”

2. Performing on a Subway in a Big City Like New York

We’ve all seen those videos of people busking on subway platforms or dancing in subway cars that pop up on social media. Users suggested doing this during the peak of rush hour or early morning, and one person related the story of a singer going “full acoustic guitar with vocals on the four around 7:00 am.”

He said he would have given the earnest musician a grand to stop playing. The bonus round was when the person added that he wanted to give a “shoutout” to the person who woke up, yelled, “It’s early,” and promptly went back to sleep.

With this method, you could upset about 30 people per car with a constantly circulating pool of people. Another commenter had to drop the perfect comeback: “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

3. Grab a Vuvuzela

Speaking of instruments, someone dropped a truly irritating idea with one of the most annoying phrases in the world since the 2010 World Cup: “grabs Vuvuzela.” Vuvuzelas are inexpensive plastic horns about 65 centimeters long, producing a loud monotone note, typically around B flat below middle C.

The decibel level of this annoying instrument is 140, which is the same as a gunshot. A Vuvuzela sounds like a giant swarm of bees buzzing loudly and is so aggravating that Fifa banned the horns at the World Cup games. With something making a noise that loud, you could easily annoy a large group of people.

4. Annoy The Entire Multiplex

Music, while sometimes soothing, can be used to cause chaos. You may be sensing a theme in this article. Another very enthusiastic commenter had an entire plan worked out. The centerpiece of the poster’s maddening project involved taking a pair of crash cymbals and marching through a multiplex disturbing each theatre with the percussion.

By the person’s estimate, being 100 to 400 people per theatre and 24 theatres in one complex, they could quickly be well on the way to $8.5 million, especially if they traveled from one theater to the next. However, no one knows how they would escape angry cinema fans and irate theater management.

5. Searching for Your Google Search

One of the most frustrating things you can do to someone trying to use the Internet is program it to do something the person doesn’t expect. One of the greatest trolls on the Internet was Rick Rolling or tricking someone into watching Rick Astley’s hit “Never Going To Give You Up” video without telling them.

The most incredible version of the Rick Roll was a program that made the button where you could stop the video move constantly on the screen just out of your reach until the video was over.

This idea is a brilliant version of the Rick Roll exploit, and the objective is to make the Google Search bar move whenever someone tries to use it. Millions would be screaming with anger quickly, and you would be rolling in dough in no time.

This thread inspired this post.

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