10 Freedoms And Perks Americans Just Don’t Have Versus Other Countries

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In this eye-opening list, we take a peek into the world of unique freedoms enjoyed by people around the globe. Many users agree that while the United States boasts many liberties, there are certain aspects in which it lags behind its international peers. From tax-free lottery winnings to Kinder Eggs, let’s explore some of these intriguing differences.

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#1 Tax-Free Winnings: The Canadian Lottery Bonanza

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“You don’t have to pay taxes on lottery winnings in Canada, but you do in the US.”

Ah, the thrill of winning the lottery! But imagine not having to share your windfall with the taxman. Many users find this Canadian perk quite tempting, especially when compared to the US, where your newfound fortune comes with a tax bill. It’s a curious financial twist that leaves us wondering if we should play the lottery north of the border.

#2 Kinder Eggs: The Chocolate Surprise Contradiction

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Kinder Eggs, those delightful treats with a hidden surprise inside, have been banned in the US for quite some time. But our friends in Canada and Europe enjoy these sweet surprises without any legal concerns. The ban might seem a little… overprotective, considering most kids can’t wait to get their hands on a toy inside their chocolate treat. So, maybe it’s time for a Kinder Egg revolution in the US?

#3 A Healthier Doctor-Patient Relationship

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“Freedom to keep decisions about your healthcare between you and your doctor, without requiring the approval of a for-profit insurance company.”

Healthcare is a hot topic everywhere, and some users brought up the idea that in certain countries, the doctor-patient relationship remains a sacred bond. Free from the meddling of for-profit insurance companies, it sounds like a prescription for peace of mind. In the US, insurance often takes center stage, making it sometimes feel like our healthcare choices are under a microscope. It’s a different kind of “waiting room anxiety.”

#4 Sip, Stroll, and Savor: Public Drinking Freedom

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Drinking in public – a simple pleasure in many parts of the world. Some users envy the freedom to enjoy a cold beverage outdoors, whether it’s a park picnic or a festival. In the US, it’s a bit like having a “beverage bubble” around us, with restrictions on where we can sip our drinks. Maybe it’s time to pop that bubble and take the party to the streets (within reason, of course).

#5 Maternity Leave Matters: A Global Perspective

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Maternity leave is a significant consideration for new parents, and some users noted that countries like Sweden and Canada provide generous and paid maternity leave. Meanwhile, in the US, it can feel like parents are on a maternity leave treasure hunt. This stark contrast leaves many Americans wishing for more time to bond with their little ones and less time hunting for leave options.

#6 Job Security and Healthcare: A Balancing Act

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“The ability to leave your job without losing your health coverage.”

Losing your job can be stressful, but in some countries, it doesn’t mean losing your health coverage, as pointed out by various users. It’s like having a safety net for your health. In the US, the connection between employment and healthcare can sometimes feel like a game of healthcare Jenga. It’s all about finding that delicate balance to keep things from toppling over.

#7 Cast Away: Fishing Freedom in Korea

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“In the case of Korea, you can go fishing without a license to do so. The only people that need such things are corporate fishers. Another one is CONSUMER PROTECTIONS!”

Korea’s fishing freedom sounds like a fisherman’s dream come true, as mentioned by one user. No need for a license unless you’re part of a corporate fishing operation. It’s like having a secret handshake with the ocean. Catch of the day, anyone?

#8 Scotland’s Right to Roam: A Highland Adventure

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“In Scotland you have the right to roam. You can walk almost anywhere you want to, even private land, as long as you don’t litter and close gates behind you.”

Scotland’s “right to roam” is like an open invitation to explore the breathtaking landscapes, as shared by one user. Just remember to close those gates behind you, and the world is your oyster… or, in this case, your haggis. It’s a freedom that leaves us wondering if we should pack our bags and head to the land of bagpipes and rolling hills.

#9 Kiwi Convenience: New Zealand’s Voter-Friendly Policies

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“In New Zealand, we have our election day on a Saturday. We can go to the polls early, and even vote by post without very much complaining by the politicians. Everyone eligible gets their chance to vote, no-one tries to make it difficult on purpose.”

New Zealanders seem to have voting all figured out, as per a user’s comment. Saturday elections, early voting, and minimal political complaints about voting accessibility. It’s almost as smooth as a hobbit’s journey through Middle-earth. This highlights the importance of making the democratic process as accessible as possible for everyone.

#10 Minimum Wage Survival: A Global Challenge

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“The freedom to be able to survive while working a minimum paying job.”

While it’s not exactly a “freedom” per se, some users pointed out the ability to make ends meet while working a minimum-wage job in other countries. It’s like enjoying a budget meal that actually fills you up. The struggle to survive on minimum wage can be a tough nut to crack in the US, and it’s a topic that resonates with many individuals.

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