10 Funny, Fake Reasons For Living A Really Long Life

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Living past 80 is an incredible feat! Those who reach the landmark get asked how they managed it so often that it’s tempting to offer some colorful explanations.

In a playful nod to the absurd, here are 10 hilariously fake reasons people might give to explain how they reached their advanced years. These imaginative responses offer a humorous take on the secret to longevity. While they might not hold up to scientific scrutiny, they’ll certainly put a smile on your face! So, let’s dive into these whimsical tales of century-long living.

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#1 Photosynthesis

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“My body learned how to do photosynthesis.”

One of the most entertaining fake reasons to explain a century of life is claiming that your body has learned how to do photosynthesis. Imagine soaking up sunlight and converting it into energy like a plant! Unfortunately, that’s just science fiction. In reality, humans can’t photosynthesize like our leafy friends, but it’s a fun idea to ponder.

#2 Centenarian Entrepreneurship

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“Hey, I’m 100 years old. Do you want to learn how? Pay 100$ for my course, that’s just 1$ per year!!!! You may ask why might a 100 year old man want money. Well, my next course will teach you how to live for 200 years!”

If all all those so-called ‘influencers’ can sell courses, surely there’s demand for learning how to live to be a 100 years old.

#3 The Extreme Daily Workout Saga

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“I’ve been doing 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and a 10 km run daily!”

Some users humorously credit their century of life to an extreme daily workout regimen that sounds like it’s straight from a superhero’s playbook. Their dedication to physical fitness might not grant them superpowers, but it’s a fun explanation for their longevity.

#4 The Buttermilk Conspiracy

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“My S.O’s great grandmother got interviewed by a local newspaper when she turned 100. They asked her secret for a long life, and she said, “I drink a lot of buttermilk every day.” Later, her son asked her, “Is that true? I never saw you drinking that.” Her reply, “No, I hate buttermilk with a passion. But now the whole town will drink that disgusting stuff because of me! Haha!”

#5 Politicians and Full Moon

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“Sacrificed a politician to Satan every full moon.”

While we certainly don’t endorse any nefarious activities, one user came up with the outrageous notion that he/she lived for a century by sacrificing politicians to Satan during every full moon. Of course, this is pure fiction, but it’s a satirical way to comment on the general distrust many people have for politicians!

#6 Snickers Everyday Keeps the Doctor Away

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“Grandpa made 96 telling everyone he ate a Snickers bar every day.”

Sometimes, simple pleasures hold the key to a long life. One user’s grandpa humorously attributes his near-century mark to a daily Snickers bar habit. This amusing idea plays on the “bad but delicious” aspect of Snickers bars, suggesting that it might just be the secret to a long life. Of course, we all know that eating a candy bar every day isn’t a recipe for longevity!

#7 Fridge Hand Magic

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“I’ve been putting my hands on the fridge 2 minutes every morning for 73 years to reactivate circulation of the blood system. Lol.”

One user shared a light-hearted way to poke fun at health routines and rituals, reminding us that not all health advice is grounded in science!

#8 McDonald’s Fries: The Fountain of Youth

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“McDonald’s fries 3x a week have given me enough preservatives to live forever.”

For those who enjoy a bit of fast food humor, some users playfully suggested that eating McDonald’s fries three times a week is their secret to living forever. The tongue-in-cheek notion here is that the preservatives in fast food might preserve you! Of course, this is far from the truth, but it’s a funny twist on the “secret to longevity.”

#9 Neither Heaven nor Hell wanted me

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“Neither Heaven nor Hell wanted me, so they simply left me alone.”

With a hint of self-deprecation, users suggest that neither Heaven nor Hell was interested in claiming them. As a result, they’ve been free to live to 100 and beyond without celestial intervention.

#10 The Fountain of Certain Vitality

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“There’s a certain fountain, in a certain place, that will grant you certain vitality.”

This whimsical idea plays on the classic folklore of fountains with magical properties, suggesting that this mythical water source is the key to a long and vibrant life. Unfortunately, such fountains only exist in fairy tales!

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