14 Epic Historical Events You Should Program Your Time Machine For

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Time travel has long fascinated us, and while the flux capacitor might still be a work in progress, the allure of witnessing historic events firsthand remains strong. Many users on a social media thread recently shared their choices for events they’d travel back in time to see. From dancing plagues to lunar impacts, here’s what some users had to say.

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#1 The Dance of Strasbourg 1518

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“Strasbourg 1518, to witness the event where the whole town succumbed to mass hysteria and danced themselves to death over 2 months.”

In the 16th century, Strasbourg saw an outbreak of bizarre dancing mania that gripped the town for months. The event began when a lone woman began to dance erratically in the streets. What started as an isolated case soon snowballed into a bizarre and terrifying spectacle. More and more people joined the dance, unable to control their movements. It escalated to the point where hundreds of individuals were consumed by the compulsion to dance, often to the point of exhaustion and injury. The phenomenon left historians puzzled and makes for a unique, albeit eerie, spectacle.

#2 The Birth of the Moon

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“Assuming I have a safe vantage point on some kind of space ship, I choose the planetary impact that’s believed to have given us the moon.”

Imagine having a front-row seat to the cosmic fireworks that led to the creation of our moon. This user’s choice is truly out of this world, offering a celestial perspective on a pivotal moment in Earth’s history.

#3 The Tower of Babel Linguistic Exploration

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“I have always wanted to go back in time to somewhere around 4500 BC and just record the languages being spoken around the world.”

Many users were intrigued by the Tower of Babel story from biblical history and the idea of unraveling the world’s ancient languages. Their curiosity takes them back to the earliest days of human communication, where the roots of our modern tongues lie hidden.

#4 Tenochtitlan’s Glory

Ruins of Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan in Mexico City.
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“I’d like to see Tenochtitlan before the Spanish destroyed it.”

The splendor of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, caught the attention of several users. They wish to witness the grandeur of this city before its tragic fall, celebrating the rich culture and history of Mesoamerica.

#5 The Lake Agassiz Deluge

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“As a geologist, the Lake Agassiz flood. During the last glacial period, over 12,000 years ago, there was a massive lake in the middle of the North American continent.”

For geology enthusiasts, the Lake Agassiz flood is a mind-boggling spectacle. Users’ interest in this massive glacial event, where nature’s immense power shaped the land, is a testament to the wonders of our planet’s geological history.

#6 A Mesozoic Safari

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“Would love to see and hear dinosaurs roaming around our land.”

Who doesn’t dream of a prehistoric adventure? Several users yearn to go back in time and witness the majesty of dinosaurs. The idea of hearing the roar of a T. rex or the trumpeting of a Brachiosaurus is the ultimate thrill for any dinosaur lover.

#7 The Rebirth of the Mediterranean

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“For a long time, the Mediterranean sea was cut off from the Atlantic ocean and the rivers flowing into it were not enough to prevent it drying up completely.”

Witnessing the Mediterranean Sea come back to life after a prolonged dry spell appeals to the imagination of many. Users want to see the moment when water cascaded into the basin and restored this iconic body of water.

#8 Diogenes and Alexander’s Sunlight Encounter

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“Diogenes telling Alexander the great to step out of his sunlight.”

This historical anecdote has sparked curiosity among users. The audacity of Diogenes in asserting his rights to a patch of sunlight, even in the presence of a powerful ruler like Alexander the Great, remains an amusing and thought-provoking episode.

#9 Kepler’s Supernova

View of a planet from space during meteorite impact
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“Kepler’s Supernova – Visible to the naked eye, Kepler’s Star was brighter at its peak than any other star in the night sky.”

Users with a fascination for astronomy were drawn to Kepler’s Supernova. The Supernova occurred in the year 1604 and is considered one of the most famous and well-documented supernovae in history. What makes Kepler’s Supernova particularly intriguing is its visibility to the naked eye. It became incredibly bright, reaching an apparent magnitude of -2.5, which is brighter than any other star in the night sky at its peak. Witnessing this astronomical event, brighter than any other star in the night sky, would be a stellar experience, literally.

#10 A Family Reunion on the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden gate bridge at sunset. San francisco.
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“When the Golden Gate Bridge was finished, my Father was one of the first to walk across it. He died when I was 8. Would love to see him again.”

This user’s choice is a heartwarming one. It’s a longing to revisit a personal and touching moment in history—the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge and a chance to share a special memory with a loved one.

#11 A Scholarly Tour of the Library of Alexandria

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“A tour of Library of Alexandria before it was destroyed.”

The desire to explore the ancient Library of Alexandria before its unfortunate demise is shared by many history enthusiasts. This iconic institution was not only a repository of knowledge but also a vibrant center of learning, housing countless scrolls and manuscripts from various ancient civilizations. Stepping into its hallowed halls would provide an incredible opportunity to witness the intellectual vibrancy of the ancient world and the profound impact it had on human history.

#12 Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Debut

Piano keyboard on the wooden table
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“The premiere of Beethoven’s 9th symphony in Vienna.”

A music lover’s dream, this user’s choice harks back to a moment of musical history, the debut of Beethoven’s legendary Ninth Symphony. Being present at this groundbreaking performance would be a harmonious delight.

#13 Investigating the JFK Assassination

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“JFK assassination with a bunch of hi-res cameras.”

Users seeking answers to the JFK assassination mystery wish to document the event with high-resolution cameras. This choice reflects the enduring intrigue and desire for clarity surrounding this pivotal moment in American history.

#14 Queen’s Live Aid Extravaganza

Silhouettes of concert crowd in front of bright stage lights
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“Queen at Live Aid in 1985, from the footage you can tell it was an amazing event but to be there and experience it must have been something else.”

The electrifying performance by Queen at Live Aid in 1985 left an indelible mark on many. Users want to transport themselves to Wembley Stadium to witness this iconic rock concert firsthand, capturing the magic that still reverberates through the annals of music history.

Source: Reddit.

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