10 Things People Are Doing To Earn Six Figures Today

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Are you searching for money-making opportunities producing at least six figures? You’ve got company. After polling the internet, “What do you do that you earn six figures?” 

These were the top-voted responses. 

1. Fix Air Conditioners

“I fix broken air conditioners. But the ones for skyscrapers and hospitals,” said one. Another added, “Commercial is the way to go. My cousin makes insane amounts of money working on the U.S. Navy air conditioning units.”

2. Software Development

“Software development. We’re all software developers here. True story,” one developer informed. Another joked, “Hey, some of us are product managers, ok?” Finally, a third stated, “Retired Software Developer.

Technically more of a Retired Business Owner because once the headcount got over 12, I never touched a line of code again and had to change lanes, full time, to a management role. Money.”

3. Tow Truck Driver

“I drive a tow truck in metro Atlanta and clean up wrecks on I-285 & I-75. It’s a lot of hours, and being on call sucks especially working nights, but it’s one way to get ahead. But I’m at $100k so far this year. It’ll be my best year yet. I hope to finish the year with around $160k,” one driver confessed. 

4. Married

One person volunteered, “I married someone who earns six figures.” Another shared, “I did this too! She runs a private equity firm, and I would highly recommend marrying someone that runs a private equity firm. We met as teenagers, so it’s tricky to follow.”

5. Union Elevator Mechanic

One user joked, “Union Elevator mechanic. It has its ups and downs. Also, I walk a lot of stairs.” Another expressed, “Funny. I was talking to someone about how much you guys make. HVAC here and made friends with a crew while overhauling some commercial high-rise elevators. I didn’t have a problem with heights until I looked down a 50-floor elevator shaft—props and shine on you crazy diamonds.” 

6. Mining Engineer

“Mining Engineer. The trick is to do a job nobody wants to do,” someone stated. Another shared, “My dad is a mining engineer. He makes six figures. Nobody wants to do his job.” “Amen. Mining Engineering has ample opportunity, and if you’re an outdoors-loving person, it’s even better,” a third added. 

7. Horizontal Directional Drill

“Horizontal directional drilling. It’s boring,” replied one. “License to Drill made horizontal drilling look like one of the most exciting things on the planet,” another declared. “I get paid a directional driller salary to watch directional drillers drill. Working for operators is where it’s at,” a third person argued. 

8. Sales

“Sales (in my case, insurance), particularly if you don’t have a college degree/coding knowledge. A willingness to be rejected a lot is a requirement, though it’s more difficult than most people acknowledge,” replied one. 

Another added, “Car sales. I know someone making $290k a year in North Carolina. His boss makes $500k+. Car sales are insane right now.” 

9. Lawyer

“Lawyer. There are better ways to make six digits,” said one. Another shared, “Another attorney checking in. To anyone reading this, don’t do it. Just don’t. Yeah, you’ll eventually hit six figures. But before that, you’ll rack up six figures in student loan debt.”

 “Also, becoming a lawyer will destroy your ability to think or speak like a normal human. You’ll have to spend a bunch of time with other attorneys, who also don’t know how to think or speak like normal humans. And the hours are hell. My law school orientation had in-depth reading about mental health and substance abuse resources available to our profession.”

So it’s common to find yourself ten years into a career with a house you barely see, a severe chemical dependency, and the inability to relate to anyone outside the profession. But hey, you’ll have money.”

10. Traveling ICU Nurse

One admitted, “I know a traveling nurse who made 150k last year.” Another added, “I’m a traveling ICU nurse, and at the height of the pandemic, the pay was $120/hr, $180/hr overtime.”

“Mandatory to work 72 hours a week translates to about $10,500/week. Also, a $50 meal stipend/day and all housing and transportation are paid. Working six days straight and one day off every week sucked, but every Friday was payday.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of what people are doing today to earn six figures. 

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