Did I Go Too Far By Deleting My Daughter’s Social Media and Banning Her From Attending Prom As Punishment?

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In today’s world, a single decision made by parents can either discipline their children or strain their relationship further. Recently, a social media user was immersed in a saga of parental discipline after sharing their decision to address their daughter’s involvement in racist bullying.

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The Shocking Incident

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This tale begins on a truly shocking and disheartening note. The original poster (OP) started by revealing that he had recently learned that his daughter was part of a group of students who had subjected another girl to severe bullying at school. The situation escalated to the point where the bullied girl had to switch schools to escape the torment inflicted by OP’s daughter.

The revelation of this incident was nothing short of traumatic and deeply troubling, especially since it carried a racial dimension. This news was profoundly shocking for OP and his wife, who had diligently raised their three children to be kind and honest individuals. OP took it upon himself to confront his daughter and make her realize the gravity of her actions.

The Punishment

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Given the severity of her actions, OP believed that simply grounding his daughter and confiscating her electronic devices wouldn’t suffice. He was determined to address this issue with the utmost seriousness and ensure it served as a powerful lesson. To achieve this, OP and his wife opted for a bold decision. They needed to deliver a punishment that taught their daughter a valuable lesson and served as a stark reminder of the consequences of her actions.

Actions Have Consequences

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Sitting down with his daughter, OP adopted a stern tone and conveyed, “I’m afraid your actions have consequences. What you did, bullying someone to the point of them changing schools is absolutely unacceptable.” OP further declared that his daughter would be banned from attending the once-in-a-lifetime events of her school life: homecoming and senior prom. She won’t even be receiving the car which she was about to get on her 18th birthday.

OP added that his daughter will also have to delete all her social media accounts. Listening to this, his daughter was shocked and started begging him to allow her to go to the prom as it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and to not delete the Instagram account as that account contained some old pictures that were not stored or saved anywhere. However, OP remained resolute in his decision, firmly reminding her that she should not have engaged in racist bullying.

The Suggestions of Grandparents

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The punishment news soon reached OP’s parents, who were temporarily staying with them during house renovations. They were taken aback by their granddaughter’s actions and agreed that she needed to face consequences for her behavior. However, they felt that denying her these pivotal life experiences might not be the most effective approach. They believed that these events held significant importance in a teenager’s life.

Online Opinions

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As OP’s story unfolded online, and many commenters offered their opinions and perspectives.

BaltimoreBadger23 suggested introducing the concept of repentance and redemption to the daughter, finding the punishment for deleting social media accounts somewhat harsh.

They further commented that “giving her something to earn back (Her social media accounts or car) like that lets her have a positive focus for the year. What she did was very wrong, and needs to have consequences, but it can be an important learning opportunity too.

RevRos, on the other hand, started with “The person she bullied has also missed lifetime events – having a trauma free school life for one. That trumps going to prom or homecoming for me.” This commenter deemed the punishment involving homecoming and prom night sufficient but recommended allowing the daughter to back up her pictures before deleting her social media accounts.

As the discussion heated up, user tintedrosestinted took a firm stance and shared their experience with racist bullying. They faced difficulties obtaining proper help to cope with the trauma and believed that parents have a crucial role in raising decent human beings who contribute positively to the world. This commenter expressed satisfaction with OP’s chosen punishments.

The Verdict

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Ultimately, the verdict remained steadfast: OP’s daughter would miss her once-in-a-lifetime events, surrender her social media presence, and forfeit the anticipated 18th birthday car. The primary objective of this punishment was clear: to impart a profound lesson in empathy and accountability.

Now, it’s your turn to weigh in. Do you believe the punishment of OP’s daughter was unduly harsh or inappropriate? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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