14 Coldest Responses To “I Miss You”

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In the world of social media, expressing your feelings can sometimes lead to unexpected responses. We’ve all been there, sending a heartfelt “I miss you” to someone we care about, only to be met with an icy, soul-crushing reply. The coldest responses to “I miss you” are like a splash of cold water on your warm, fuzzy emotions. Let’s take a look at some of the frigid replies users have shared in a recent social media thread.

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#1 “Who is this?”

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Have you ever received a response that makes you question whether your connection ever existed? One user experienced the ultimate cold shoulder with a simple, “Who is this?” No one likes to feel forgotten, and this response certainly makes you feel like a distant memory.

#2 “Oh s***. Sorry man, forgot to block you”

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Forgetting to block someone might just be the new definition of unintentional harshness. It’s one thing to be ignored, but to be informed that you were almost blocked is a new level of cold. As one user humorously put it, “I got hit with this from a friend once… was not a good day.”

#3 No response

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The absence of a response can often be louder than words. Some users shared their experiences of sending heartfelt messages only to be met with silence. It’s like talking to a brick wall, and it can leave you feeling like a lonely mime on the internet stage.

#4 “Ok”

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“Ok” – a response that’s succinct and void of emotion. It’s the digital equivalent of a shrug. Some users suggested that this reply is the epitome of indifference, making you question if your feelings ever mattered in the first place.

#5 “So?”

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When you spill your heart out, you hope for a warm and comforting reply. But imagine receiving a cold, “So?” It’s as if your feelings were thrown into a black hole of apathy. As one user shared, it’s enough to bring tears to your eyes.

#6 “Get used to it”

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If you’re seeking empathy, hearing “Get used to it” isn’t going to provide much comfort. Some users pointed out that this response is like a slap in the face, telling you to toughen up and move on. Ouch!

#7 “That’s sweet”

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We all know that “That’s sweet” should be sweet, but in certain contexts, it can be the polar opposite. Some users described it as the ultimate condescending pat on the back, leaving you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

#8 “I don’t think about you at all”

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Hearing someone say, “I don’t think about you at all” is like a verbal ice bath. One user shared this response, highlighting that it’s a painful reminder of your insignificance in someone’s life.

#9 “I am in a new relationship now”

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Breakups are tough, and we all know that timing is everything. One user shared the heart-wrenching moment when their ex replied with, “I am in a new relationship now” after expressing their longing. Talk about a cold, hard dose of reality.

#10 “Can I borrow $20.00 then?”

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Desperation sometimes leads to unexpected responses. A user recalled how, after expressing their feelings, the reply they got was a request for money.

#11 “I miss the time when I didn’t know you”

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“I miss the time when I didn’t know you” is a response that can cut deep. Some users have encountered this burn, and they can attest that it’s akin to saying, “Life was better before I met you.” Ouch!

#12 “Thanks”

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A concise “Thanks” in response to your heartfelt “I miss you” message may leave you feeling a little underwhelmed. Some users describe this brief reply as the digital equivalent of handing out a participation ribbon. It’s like you entered a race of emotions, and all you got was a nod of acknowledgement – not exactly the grand prize you were hoping for.

#13 “I don’t”

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If you’ve ever received a blunt “I don’t” when expressing your feelings, you know that it’s a swift rejection.

#14 “I know “

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When you confess that you miss someone, and they reply with a nonchalant “I know,” it can feel like a punch in the gut.

Source: Reddit.

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