Body Talk Poolside – The Fallout of an Innocent Compliment

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Poolside gatherings with colleagues can be a fun way to unwind and connect outside the confines of the workplace.

For one 26-year-old woman, a simple compliment about her body set off a heated debate that delved into the sensitive territory of parenthood and body image.

The Compliment That Unraveled a Debate

The original poster (OP), a 26-year-old woman, had an eventful day at the pool with some female colleagues from work. They were familiar with each other but had only seen each other in scrubs at the hospital. Most of OP’s colleagues were a few years older, and some were mothers.

The day started well, with everyone enjoying themselves in their bikinis. Suddenly, one of OP’s colleagues complimented her on her body. It was a sincere and kind remark. OP blushed and thanked her.

OP, who takes pride in her fitness, explained that she regularly walks her dog and used to dance seven days a week, although she dances less now due to work commitments. While she acknowledged that her body may not be as toned as it used to be, she still considered herself lean and muscular, particularly in her legs.

However, the mood took an uncomfortable turn when another colleague, who was a mother, implied that OP’s nice body was solely because she didn’t have kids. This comment led to more colleagues chiming in, claiming that not having kids made it easy for OP and that her body was nothing special.

Feeling uneasy with the body talk, OP finally spoke up. She asserted that her body was a result of both regular workouts and not having had kids. She emphasized that not having children didn’t equate to having a “good” body, nor did having children mean having a “bad” body.

However, instead of understanding her perspective, her colleagues exploded, accusing her of belittling parenthood and downplaying pregnancy. They even went as far as predicting that her fit legs would vanish quickly once she became a mother.

Despite the uncomfortable exchange, OP chose not to respond further, and the rest of the outing passed awkwardly.

OP took to social media to seek clarity on whether her remarks could be perceived as belittling parenthood and downplaying pregnancy.

Mixed Reactions from Fellow Users

On social media, Reddit users shared their varied perspectives on the situation

Mizfit0416 saw no reason for the colleagues to get upset, agreeing with OP’s assertion that her comments were valid.

“I don’t understand why they got upset. What you said is true.”

However, ilja1995 provided an interesting insight, suggesting that OP’s colleagues might have been using pregnancy as an excuse to avoid facing their own fitness and body image concerns.

“They are using pregnancy as an excuse.”

MaryGodfree described the colleagues as jealous individuals who sought to blame their pregnancies for their lack of fitness rather than acknowledging that maintaining a fit body requires effort.

“They are using pregnancy as an excuse. They feel bad for not being as fit as OP and just want a reason outside of themselves to not feel bad about it anymore.”

JuuliusCaesar69 echoed this sentiment, expressing support for OP and pointing out that many mothers indeed maintain fantastic physical shape.

But not everyone viewed the situation in black and white.

cinnamon_roll12 highlighted that while some of OP’s colleagues may have been projecting jealousy, it’s essential to remember that pregnancy and motherhood can bring significant changes to a woman’s body.

The user asserted that it may not always be feasible to regain the exact pre-pregnancy physique due to various factors.

GrayWysteria chimed in with other factors that affect fitness.

“No kids doesn’t mean you enjoy good health, no kids doesn’t mean you make time to exercise, no kids doesn’t mean you have good eating habits. Genetics, lifestyle, injuries, illnesses, medication… all of it has something to say about what your body ends up looking like.”

The Verdict

OP’s intention to challenge the notion that having kids inevitably leads to an undesirable body shape was met with mixed reactions.

The online responses showcase a range of perspectives on the situation.

While some users saw no reason for OP’s colleagues to get upset and supported her assertion that her comments were valid, others offered a different perspective.

In the end, it is crucial to recognize that each person’s body journey is unique. There are tons of factors that define how fit or not a person is. We should all strive to live our journeys and do our best to stay healthy.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Do you think the OP from this social media post was wrong?

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