12 Things That Were Freaking Awesome as a Kid but Sucks as an Adult

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Our childhood years are so much more straightforward than those in adulthood. We have no real worries or responsibilities and are much more easily pleased as children.

The simple things in life often appear so fantastic when we are kids, but they provide little to no enjoyment once we get older. For example, after someone asked, “What was awesome as a kid but sucks as an adult?”, these were some of the best answers given.

1. Having a Moderate Amount of Money

As adults in modern times, it takes a lot of money to get by. Household bills, rent/mortgages, food and drink, medical bills, car running costs/public transport costs, and taxes are just some of the things we have to spend our hard-earned money on. Therefore, moderate amounts of cash often mean very little to us.

However, a moderate amount of money makes us feel rich as kids. One user suggested having $100 in their childhood bank account was terrific. Another recalls having to write an essay about how they’d spend $1000 and says they and their classmates wrote about buying houses and limousines.

2. Losing a Tooth

When you’re a kid, losing a tooth means two things; first, it means you’re growing up (which we now realize we shouldn’t have wanted to do), and second, it means the tooth fairy will be coming to give you money in exchange for the tooth you’ve lost. You’re also likely to be told how cute you are with a visible gap in your teeth.

As some users pointed out, as an adult, losing a tooth generally means you’ve had an accident or been punched in the face, and you look strange. Moreover, the tooth won’t be replaced unless you fork out for an artificial replacement.

3. Receiving Mail

When you’re a child, receiving mail is exciting. One user reminisced about having pen pals as a child and excitedly asking their parents if there was anything in the post for them. Other examples of exciting childhood mail include fan club letters and cards with money inside.

As an adult, the mail is generally dull or outright upsetting. Several users pointed out that most letters they receive as adults are bills or solicitations.

4. Spinning in Circles

As one user suggested, spinning around in a circle was one of the simplest pleasures of being a child. Doing it gave a fantastic sense of freedom – and if it made you dizzy, you embraced it and found great amusement in stumbling around all over the place.

However, as adults, our tolerance for such wild movement decreases. Other users responded that, since they’ve grown up, getting up off the couch or turning their head too quickly makes them dizzy.

5. Going to the Fair

Several users replied, saying they got much more enjoyment from fun fairs, theme parks, and amusement parks when they were younger. That’s not to say adults can’t get any pleasure from such places, but one blanket response from users explained why they get less enjoyment from them than children.

As children, our parents take us to theme parks for free. As adults, not only do we have to pay for ourselves, but we also have to pay for our children – and such places cost a small fortune these days. Also, taking children to them generally means enduring the kiddy rides when we’d much rather be on the adult rides or having a beer.

6. Staying Up Late

One user said that staying up until 2 am as a child felt like the possibilities were endless, but staying up late as an adult does nothing but make you worry about how you will feel the following day.

The response to this one was mixed – with some users even suggesting they’re better at staying up late as adults – but overall, people agreed with the original sentiment.

7. Summer

Another prevalent answer came from a user who said summers were exciting for children because they coincided with an extended period away from school. They also noted that, for adults, summers are still hot, but you’ve got to go to work and sweat all day.

Users agreed in their droves, with one even saying it was the answer they came to see. Others went as far as saying they hated summer now that they were adults.

8. Birthdays

When someone replied by simply saying “Birthdays,” several others agreed wholeheartedly (with several adding “Christmas” to their responses).

One user said that, even though their wife tries to make their birthday enjoyable every year, they dread it. They clarified that birthdays represent having one year less left to live and a year of having accomplished very little.

9. Snow

Snow proved to be a trendy answer in the thread. Users described how magical it was to see snow as children, how they had the times of their lives playing in it, and how it often meant not having to go to school.

On the contrary, several users spoke about how much they dislike it as adults. The reasons given included having to remove it from their cars, shoveling it off paths and driveways, putting their lives at risk by driving in it, and being unable to get to work.

10. Being an Only Child

Only one user gave this as an answer, but it struck a chord, so we felt we had to include it. When you’re a child, having no brothers or sisters means receiving all the attention and getting more money spent on you than you would if your parents and family members had to split presents between you and your siblings.

When you’re an adult, it often means being alone and having nobody to share the responsibilities of looking after your elderly parents with.

11. Having People Over

Users responded with different interpretations of this answer, but they all said they enjoyed it as children and less as adults. For example, one user said it in the context of people arriving at your house unexpectedly, and another said it in the context of people staying there.

In both cases, it was exciting as a kid because it gave you someone new to show off to and play with. As an adult, however, it means having to play host and take care of the needs of other adults, which is tiring.

12. Life

Life, in general, is nowhere near as good for an adult as it was as a kid, according to one user. The reply is a long way into the thread, prompting another user to ask how it was so far down.

Several other users commented that they were looking for this answer, while others said things like “I feel you” and “there it is” in total agreement.

This thread inspired this post.

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