The Goat Solution: A Quirky Alternative to Lawn Mowing

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For many homeowners, cutting grass is a necessary job that comes with having a yard. Though it may seem easy, it can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even painful for some people.

But what if you could find a better, more enjoyable, and environmentally friendly way to take care of your lawn?

One man did just that by hiring a goat to mow his yard.

The idea sparked a lively debate on social media, with some applauding the man’s creativity and others questioning the practicality and social implications of using a goat as a lawnmower.

The OP (original poster) is a man in his thirties who hates cutting grass due to a shoulder injury and dislikes the sound and smell of lawnmowers.

His wife cannot help as she had a bad experience mowing a lawn in the past.

The couple lives in a warm state with strict Homeowners Association (HOA) regulations that dictate the maximum height of grass, which they must adhere to.

Determined to avoid the dreaded task, the man decides to hire a goat for $20 to eat the grass instead. It turns out to be a great solution, and the goat does an excellent job. However, his wife becomes upset because some neighbors see the goat, and she believes they will judge them as “weird hicks.”

OP explains his dilemma,

“I don’t care if they think we’re a little weird; I’m happy to be laughed at if it means saving myself from the headache-inducing sound of a lawn mower. But now she’s making weird comments around the house about getting a horse to carry groceries or a chicken to clean the windows since there’s no man in the house who can.”

Genius or Weird?

The debate was fierce, with many users divided over whether the man was wrong for hiring a goat.

Many of the commenters praised the goat solution, highlighting its many benefits.

For instance, one user, Pirate_Queen_of_DC, said that the goat option is more environmentally friendly and adorable.

“You picked the more environmentally friendly (and adorable) option. Your wife needs to stop caring what the neighbors think. And maybe be less extra, too.”

Pirate_Queen_of_DC further suggested that the wife was overreacting and being extra in her comments in the following way:

“The wife, however, is absolutely being extra because rather than just admit mild embarrassment, she’s making it a whole production and mocking her husband in the process.”

Using goats to mow lawns is not a novel idea. Many cities and towns have already embraced it, such as the town referred to by user Any_Quality4534 which uses a herd of goats and sheep to clean the overgrown drainage canals.

The town even has an app that tracks where the goats are currently grazing. It is a brilliant idea that many homeowners could adopt, as it not only saves time but also promotes sustainability.

Another user, TheGardenNymph, explained that there is nothing unusual and there are companies that rent out goats for tasks. The user commented:

“There’s actually companies that rent out goats because they’re more environmentally friendly and really good at things like ivy removal.”

It can be deemed that the goat solution can be a great way to address various yard and garden issues that homeowners face.

Another Reddit user, Kimberellaroo, suggested that the neighbors might find the idea of using a goat hilarious, and OP’s wife didn’t get it right actually.

Kimberellaroo commented:

“The thing is, yeah, the neighbors might be laughing at them because it is kind of funny. I would find it funny if one of my neighbors did that. But if I see that it’s working and OP is happy with the result, I would also be curious about it and consider doing it too. It’s not mutually exclusive.

“Next time everyone else is out mowing the lawn and doing yard work, drag out a deckchair, crack a beer, put your feet up, and watch your goat OP. Let your neighbors be jealous of your newfound free time.”

The Verdict

OP’s goat solution was an innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly option for lawn mowing. However, some commenters had reservations about the idea, while others praised it.

Regardless of the opinions expressed, the goat solution offers an alternative to the traditional lawnmower, which can be noisy and environmentally harmful.

So, if you hate mowing your lawn, why not consider hiring a goat to do the job? As EducationalTangelo6 wrote, “I’m going to go look for a damn goat.”

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Was the OP from this social media post wrong?

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