Cheap Clothes – A Fashionable Feud Between Divorced Parents

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In family matters, even the most trivial things can turn into a heated dispute.

One mother recently took to social media seeking validation for her decision to have her daughters wear tie dye during visits to their father’s place.

The original poster (OP) of this tale, a thirty-year-old woman, shares a history with her ex-husband, a thirty-one-year-old man.

After Divorce

Five years ago, their marriage came to an end, leading to a divorce that split both assets and emotions.

During the settlement, OP chose to keep the old single-wide mobile home and the land zoned for a trailer park, while her partner took the new truck and their savings.

What ensued after the divorce is where the real adventure begins.

OP discovered a passion for restoring old single-wides, turning it into a thriving business. OP embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and crafted a comfortable life for herself and her two daughters, aged eight and seven.

Stolen Belongings

However, trouble arose when OP noticed their belongings, especially their clothes, were not making it back from their visits with their dad. Suspicion turned to confirmation when OP’s eldest daughter tearfully revealed that her dad was selling her clothes online.

Understandably upset, OP reached out to her ex-husband, trying to resolve the issue amicably.

However, he played it cool, claiming he only got rid of clothes that were too small and that he deserved some compensation for owning the trailer and land.

The tension grew, and OP decided it was time to take matters into her own hands, leading to the birth of “girls’ tie-dye night.”


Armed with cheap shirts and bottoms from the dollar store and thrift shops, OP made her daughters to unleash their creativity and design their own tie-dye masterpieces.

The girls fell in love with their vibrant creations, and the tie-dye saga officially began.

As expected, the daughters arrived at their father’s place the following weekend, donning their new tie-dye outfits.

The ex-husband’s reaction was less than enthusiastic. He called OP and asked her to change their clothes for a family party hosted by his parents.

OP stood her ground, asserting her daughters’ right to wear what they loved. A sense of pettiness was exchanged between the two, with insults flying through the phone line.

Tie Die Troubles

This decision by OP received a lot of reactions from the social media audience. The majority applauded her response, while some suggested taking the legal route to address the issue.

Forward_Squirrel8879, a concerned commenter, chimed in with his opinion, urging OP to take legal action against her ex for stealing from their children and causing them distress.

“You need to take this man to court. He is stealing from his children and doesn’t care that it is causing them clear and understandable distress.”

It’s clear that users empathize with the daughters and agree that the situation requires intervention.

On the lighter side, emccm praised OP’s savvy business skills and independence, congratulating her on her accomplishments, while subtly acknowledging the ex’s shortsightedness.

Indeed, a little dose of success can do wonders in elevating one’s perspective.

Gypsy-Nyx encouraged OP to keep track of what goes to her ex’s place and returns, suggesting that OP use the evidence to show how the ex’s actions might affect child support arrangements.

It’s a practical piece of advice, reflective of the concern many have for the children’s well-being.

Sparky-Malarky joined in with an adorable suggestion, recommending a Bedazzler and fabric markers for the girls.

After all, who wouldn’t love a bedazzled tie-dye creation?

This playful addition to the discussion showcases the diverse perspectives that social media communities bring.

On the legal front, claireclairey urged OP to take her ex to court and offer her children the option to avoid visiting him once they are legally able.

It’s a strong opinion resonating with the sentiment that a parent should prioritize their children’s welfare and happiness over personal vendettas.

The final input from ApartLocksmith1 emphasized the importance of keeping electronic receipts, as they can serve as crucial evidence in a potential legal battle.

This commenter believed that most judges would frown upon the ex-husband’s questionable “sales activities,” highlighting the need to address the issue properly.

The Verdict

This captivating tale of tie-dye clashes touched the hearts and minds of social media users far and wide. From concerns over the emotional well-being of the children to practical advice to OP on legal matters, the comments present a mixed approach to analyzing the situation.

Amidst the colorful swirl of opinions, one thing is clear: the love and protection of a parent for their children know no bounds, even if it means standing up for their right to wear their beloved tie-dye creations.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Do you think the OP from this social media post was wrong?

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