9 Things Women Do That Men Never Think About

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Women have a knack for thinking ahead, planning, and managing life’s little intricacies in ways that men might not always consider. From dealing with the monthly cycle to navigating the social minefield of drinks at the bar, women often have unique experiences that may not always be on men’s radars.

In this listicle, we’ve curated some candid insights from a social media thread that shed light on the everyday things women do that men might never think about. Prepare to be amused, educated, and perhaps a little surprised by these revelations.

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#1 – Mastering the Art of Period Planning

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Factoring in the menstrual cycle when scheduling events, from weddings to camping trips, requires a level of precision that can rival NASA’s mission control.

User Goldmarrbl suggests that women have the cosmic ability to align activities with their body’s monthly rhythm.

#2 – Unwanted Messages in the Inbox

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IrritatedAlpaca draws attention to the unease that comes with receiving unsolicited messages from strangers. Women often face the ominous task of opening messages with a cautious eye, knowing that it might just be a disappointing game of “penis roulette.”

#3 – The Unsexy Art of Grooming

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Let’s dive into the world of grooming rituals that men might overlook. Women manage not only the usual hair removal tasks but also tackle belly, nipple, and upper lip hair with precision. It’s like being a magician with tweezers.

#4 – The Secret Pregnancy Test Ritual

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Delaying the purchase of a pregnancy test during a late period is a suspenseful journey. As sweadle reveals, women can mentally go through a rollercoaster of thoughts, planning, and emotions before getting that potentially life-changing result.

#5 – Safety Considerations: Going Out Alone

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Leaving the house solo comes with its own set of considerations. The fear of encountering unsafe situations prompts women to ponder the safety of going out alone, whether for a walk after dark or a hiking adventure. This experience might seem unfamiliar to many men.

#6 – Guarding the Drinks at the Bar

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not_a_skunk highlights the vigilance required when it comes to keeping an eye on drinks at bars. Women have developed a sixth sense for avoiding the risk of drink tampering, making sure their beverages are safe even in seemingly relaxed environments.

#7 – The Complex World of Navigating Dating Apps

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While men might focus on profile pictures and witty bios, women often dive deeper into analyzing every detail of a potential match’s online presence. From assessing social media accounts to deciphering motivations, the world of dating apps becomes a puzzle-solving adventure.

#8 – Deciphering Text Message Etiquette

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A user shines a light on the intricate dance of interpreting text message tones. Women meticulously dissect the timing, punctuation, and emojis in messages, trying to decode hidden meanings and intentions.

#9 – The Art of the Hand Towel Exchange

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As pointed out by freshpicked12, women understand the importance of frequently swapping out hand towels in the bathroom. This unspoken practice ensures a level of hygiene and comfort that may be underappreciated by the opposite gender.

Source: Reddit.

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