What’s the Baby Boomers’ Equivalent of an Avocado Toast?

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Social media users agree that avocado toast and open-concept modern renovations are the trends that define millennials. Answers poured in after a curious Reddit user asked what the equivalent trends were for the baby boomer generation.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore these nostalgic food trends and lifestyle choices that were once the epitome of cool.

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#1 Prawn Cocktails

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Many boomers chimed in to vote for Prawn cocktails as the absolute “it” dish in the 70s, with their succulent shrimp and Thousand Island dressing combo. A user jokingly recalls how their families spent so much on these appetizers that they missed out on buying a second home.

#2 Fondue: Dipping into Nostalgia

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For many, fondue is the true equivalent to avocado toast for baby boomers. This communal dipping experience was a social centerpiece, much like today’s trendy brunch item. Gathered around a pot of melted cheese or chocolate, families and friends bonded over skewering and savoring various bites. It was more than a meal; it was an interactive event that brought people together in a deliciously cheesy way.

#3 Sun Tea and Peacock Chairs: Soaking Up the Sun

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Picture this: wicker round peacock chairs and sun tea—this combo practically screams vintage boomer lifestyle. Some users suggested that enjoying sun tea in those iconic chairs was a true throwback.

Not many people have that kind of time or patience anymore. Sun tea is made by brewing tea in a clear container set in the sun for several hours. The process of brewing tea with the sun’s warmth was a leisurely ritual.

#4 China Cabinets and Curio Cabinets: Displaying the Past

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While some users debate whether this truly falls under baby boomers’ territory or that of the Greatest Generation, it’s clear that displaying precious items behind glass was a thing.

Many remember the weighty cabinets that held heirloom dishes, to be admired but never touched. Others pointed out that baby boomers embraced curio cabinets, showcasing dolls, music boxes, and memorabilia that represented their unique tastes.

#5 Avocado Kitchens: Where Color Meets Humor

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Avocado green, harvest gold, burnt orange—these were the colors that adorned the kitchens of baby boomers. While some users playfully commented on the eye-popping color palette, others reminisced about how these vibrant shades were all the rage. From appliances to furnishings, these hues added personality to homes and captured the essence of a colorful era.

#6 Casserole Creations: The Art of Culinary Simplicity

Ratatouille is a traditional vegetable dish of Provencal cuisine: pepper, eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini. Hungarian lecho.
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“Yeah, I cook,” declared many, as they masterfully combined ingredients into a casserole dish. Many users declared casseroles as an emblem of baby boomer cooking. With a dash of this and a sprinkle of that, casseroles offered a convenient and efficient way to prepare meals. It might not have been gourmet, but it sure was practical—and often surprisingly tasty!

#7 Granola: Crunching into Health Trends

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Long before the granola bars we know today, granola was a revelation in health food stores. Some users fondly recalled their college days when granola emerged as a new and trendy discovery.

#8 Wine: From Cheap High to Cultured Sip

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Believe it or not, wine wasn’t as popular or well-known outside certain circles in the US. Users reminisce about how they initially bought it for its cheap high, only to find themselves introducing it to their parents later on. The transformation of wine from an obscure indulgence to a refined beverage showcases the evolving tastes of the baby boomer generation.

#9 Julia Child Recipes: Mastering the Art of Cooking

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Many reminisced about how Julia Child’s recipes introduced them to a whole new level of culinary expertise. Some users remembered the shift from traditional fare to experimenting with complex dishes that demanded attention to detail. Julia’s recipes were trendy and signaled sophistication at dinner parties.

#10 Tupperware Parties: A Quest for Food Efficiency

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Tupperware and Tupperware parties were all the rage, showcasing a quest for maximum food efficiency. Users chuckled as they remembered the parents’ frustration over kids using the “good” Tupperware for unworthy foods. These gatherings weren’t just about containers; they were social events where practicality met socializing.

#11 “Don’t Touch” Towels: The Mystery of Bathroom Decor

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Those decorative towels in the bathroom that were off-limits—it’s a scenario that led to some hilarious exasperation. Users playfully addressed the idea that towels are meant to be used, not merely for display. The clash between practicality and aesthetics in bathroom decor provided moments of both frustration and amusement.

Source: Reddit.

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