Zelle vs. Venmo: Who Is The Winner?

Technology has many things easier, especially transferring money. Zelle and Venmo are two of the most popular payment providers put there.

...but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In the Zelle vs. Venmo competition, who do you think would win?


PROS 1. Free to use 2. Sending money is quick and easy 3. Money is sent directly to your bank account 4. Only an email or phone number is needed to send money

CONS 1. You can’t cancel payments after you send the money 2. You can’t link Zelle to a U.S. banking account  3. No fraud protection 4. Supports U.S. banks only


PROS 1. Quick and convenient payment 2. Send money from a bank account or debit card at no cost 3. You can pay for purchases at selected businesses

CONS 1. Payments are public by default 2. Once initiated, you cannot cancel payment 3. Does not support transfer of funds from abroad 4. Popular with scammers

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