FIND OUT What Your Net Worth Says About Your Retirement Life

Retirement will look very different for all of us. And one of the most significant factors in how we will retire is our net worth.

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Your net worth has a significant impact on your life and retirement.  


How Net Worth is Calculated


Net worth is calculated by subtracting one’s total liabilities from total assets. The resulting number is our net worth.


Why is Net Worth Important?

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Most of us can spend about 4% of our net worth with a reasonably good chance of never running out of money. 

Let's Assume

Let’s assume you have a net worth of $1,000,000. Using the guideline from the Trinity Study, 4% of a million is $40,000.

Your Retirement Number

Multiply your current yearly spending rate by 25. The resulting number will be the net worth that you should have before calling it quits.

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