You Can Still Travel for Free in 2022

There are many ways to travel for free with proven ideas that you should know if you want to save some money while exploring the world.

Volunteer on a Farm

With WWOOF hosts across the world, learn about organic farming in exchange for a free room and board, and an experience of a lifetime!

Work as an AU PAIR

As an Au Pair, you would get paid to live with your host family and provide childcare and/or help with cooking, cleaning, etc. 

Cash in Free Flights or Hotel Stays

Get a travel points credit card that lets you redeem points towards airfare, hotels, lounge access, or rental cars.

Volunteer at a Hostel

Love painting or helping in the kitchen? In return for free accommodation, find volunteer opportunities at hostels across the world. 

Teach English Overseas

A time-tested way to fund your travel is to teach English overseas.

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