Why Early Retirement Was My Only Way Out

I am a massive believer in moving around in your career. I made much more money by moving from company to company because every move I made came with a raise. And a different set of responsibilities that, frankly, I wasn’t all that keen on having.

Within a couple of years of working virtually any job, I’d be itching to try something else...  Steve shares why he picked early retirement to escape the mundane cycle of jumping from one job to another!

What Happens When you're bored or tired of your job?

Activate search and rescue mode! "Anything that felt better. Maybe another company that did similar work. Perhaps a move across the country would make me happier."

But wait, what changed? "Deadlines emerged, and meetings were sat through. Bosses wanted this and that faster than reasonably possible, and everything in the office began to get that all-too-familiar stain of reality once again."

The Only Solution was an Early Retirement "For me, early retirement was the only option to fix the biggest problem of my life truly. Every day, I felt like something was missing."