The Hidden Forces Fueling the Unretirement Boom

Around 2.6 million Americans left the workforce earlier than expected during the pandemic. Now many of them are wading back into the labor pool. Economists see several factors 'at work'.

Less new fad than market correction, the unretirement boom could unmask a more profound reality about what the pandemic’s ‘Great Resignation’ really meant for many older workers.

The Hidden Forces Fueling the Unretirement Boom

Forced Retirement Most senior workers did not choose to retire early during the pandemic but were forced from their jobs, according to a recent study.

Ageism According to AARP Research, the problem only got worse during the pandemic, with 78% of older workers reporting having witnessed or experienced age discrimination at work...

Ageism ...Retirees who return to the workforce now, however, are finding employers desperate for their skills and experience.

THAT'S NOT ALL! There are other factors at play behind the recent unretirement boom!