The Ultimate & Only Travel Checklist for 2022

What you need to pack and how far in advance you should prepare when traveling depends on a few things. We will help you determine what items you’ll need to put on your travel checklist for the upcoming trip.

Your Destination

In most cases, you’ll also want to book your flights and accommodations ahead of time, as last-minute international travel can be costly. 

Travel Companions

If you’re traveling solo, travel-sized items are probably all you need. But if the whole family is coming along, you’ll need to add toiletries for each person on your travel checklist. 

How Long You’ll Be Travelling

Make sure your travel checklist has a wide variety of items, so you don’t bust your travel budget by buying coats or sweatshirts for your entire family. 

Your Accommodations

Where you’ll be staying also determines what you should pack and add to your travel checklist. 

Your Mode of Transportation

If your trip involves flying, you need to pack more carefully than you would if you’re traveling by car, bus, or train. 

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