The Most Star Wars-Obsessed States in the US

With a mix of classic and new Star Wars legends, in honor of the big day, we rounded up some of the most interesting Star Wars stats to boost your knowledge on this big day.

Our friends over at Shane Co. went into hyperdrive and researched the most Star Wars-obsessed states in the U.S and other search-term-based data on one of the most popular franchises of all time.

Top Five Star Wars Obsessed States

#5 California Not only does California make the list, but the state is home to original filming locations of the Forest Moon of Endor (Del Norte County) and various scenes on Tatooine (Death and Buttercup Valley)

#4 Colorado Their most popular search terms include... Most Searched Hero/Jedi – R2-D2 Most Searched Villain – Bossk Most Searched Location – Nal Hutta

# 3 Oregon Following suit with California and Colorado, the most searched hero is the most famous astromech droid in the galaxy, R2-D2.

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