The Complete Small Business Tax Prep Checklist Story

It’s nearly that time of year again: tax time. Preparing your taxes may seem like an annoying task that distracts you from running your business, but is just as important if not more!

Business Taxation Basics

Many taxpayers don’t clearly understand how their share of business profits is taxed, and how the tax affects their personal tax liability. We explain the difference between C-corps and all other business structures!

Personal Return Components

You need to know how your business profits impact your personal tax return (Form 1040). We explain the impact of different business structures on your personal taxes.

The Checklist

Save yourself some headache during tax time with our checklist. From gathering your records to filing the return, we go over everything in detail so you don't miss anything.

Plan In Advance

It's the best thing you can do for yourself and your business!

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