The Best Museums in LA for the Artist In You

Los Angeles is a brilliant city with a wide array of activities for visitors. One of the best things about the city is its thriving art communities.

Los Angeles art museums showcase contemporary works and pieces from grandmasters, so whatever preferred style, there’s an art museum in Los Angeles and the surrounding area that has it.

15 Best Los Angeles Art Museums

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) LACMA is the most extensive and most impressive art museum. It houses nearly 150,000 objects from over 6,000 years of human history.

The Getty Center The Getty Center is located in the mountains just to the city’s north and features impressive paintings such as Van Gogh’s Irises and Gentileschi’s Lucretia.

The Broad The Broad celebrates Modern Art and the Pop Art movement. It has a massive collection of works by Andy Warhol, including Mao and Two Marilyns.

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