The Best Lakes Near Me in the Pacific Northwest

The lakes on this list are the best in the Pacific Northwest for different reasons because they are all so unique. So whether you’re looking to go kayaking, swimming, or want to enjoy some time by the water at a resort with friends, these lakes will not disappoint.

Osoyoos Lake, British Columbia

Located in the South Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Osoyoos Lake is a popular lakeside destination for locals and tourists and one of Canada’s warmest lakes.


Colchuck Lake, Washington


Located just 30 minutes from the town of Leavenworth, Colchuck Lake is a serene alpine lake that offers stunning views of Dragontail Peak and Colchuck Peak.

Baker Lake, Washington

You can camp, boat or fish with your family while listening to the sounds of nature in peace and quiet; hike along its eastern shoreline on easy trails that lead you over a bridge crossing Baker River.



This fantastic gem in the Canadian Rockies gets its name because it reflects color from the light like an infinite pool of liquid glass, capturing all colors around it like magic!

Emerald Lake, British Columbia

Lake Quinault, Washington

Lake Quinault is a large, glacially-carved lake located in Olympic National Park near the town of Amanda Park. The lake has a maximum depth of 246 feet and is one of the deepest lakes in Washington.


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