The Best Golf Bags To Protect Your Gear

Golf travel bags may seem like such a small travel detail, but they can be instrumental in the success of your golfing trip.

Shoddy golf travel bags can rip up your golf clubs, let water seep in, and inadequately protect your golf clubs on plane rides.

On the contrary, quality golf travel bags ensure that all your golf accessories stay dry and that your fairway woods won’t get snapped in half during your trip.

Criteria to Look for in Golf Travel Bag

Case Structure: Soft vs Hard-Cased A soft-cased golf travel bag is that it is easier to store and much lighter. However, hard-cased golf travel bags protect golf clubs better.

Invest in a Padded Travel Golf Bag The cost of replacing that putter may be worth the extra money to prevent the occurrence in the first place: invest in a well-padded bag.

Get a Golf Bag with Wheels Having wheels on the bag is crucial to helping you roll around the oversized baggage and move more freely.

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