Summer of Podcasts: 5 Free Podcasts Your Kids Will LOVE!

Podcasting has exploded in popularity over the last few years. If you are looking for great podcasts to gain new perspectives, you’re not alone.

With podcasts, you can learn self-improvement techniques, get up to speed on current events, laugh with your favorite comedians, or reduce your kids’ screen time.

5 Best Free Podcasts for KIDS

1. The Story Pirates This podcast features original stories written by kids, told using sketch comedy and songs. The podcast has celebrity guests and talented comedians acting out the sketches.

2. Wow in the World by NPR This podcast is about science and discovery. Each episode features kids and adults learning about something new and exciting.

3. (it's a secret) SWIPE UP for this mystery podcast that is kid-friendly!

4. Ask Me Another by NPR This podcast features guests answering trivia questions and playing games. The show is often funny, and the guests are usually experts in their field.

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