Stock Markets are Volatile. Should You Invest?

With volatile markets, uncertainty over the war in Ukraine, and inflation concerns, Americans continue to refrain from investing and prefer the relative safety of savings accounts.

5 financial professionals offer their perspectives on the importance of investing despite volatile markets and share tips anyone can use to get started investing.

So What's the Advice from the 5 Financial Professionals?

Begin Investing Now If you start at age 22, investing $4,178 each year could become a $1.1 million by age 67.  Starting just 10 years later doubles the amount you need to invest each year to achieve the same outcome.

Take Advantage of Your 401(k) Matching Benefits If you work for a company that offers a 401(k) plan, your employer usually matches a certain percentage of your contributions, essentially providing you with free money.

THAT'S NOT ALL! Their recommendations also include specific types of investment vehicles that are a must!