HOW TO Spot Work From Home Scams

There are a lot of office triggers I can’t stand. Like the fluorescent lighting, the persistent distraction from pointless meetings and other coworkers.

A lot on the internet is very scammy — especially ads for work-from-home jobs and scams. But not every listing on a legit online job board is legit. Work from home scams is abundant online.

Red Flags to Look Out For

The Job Posting and Description Lacks Detail  If you see vague job listings anywhere online that lack detail, are generic or seem fishy, it’s most likely a work from the home scam.

They Require Payment Up Front  If a work-from-home job ever requires you to pay any fees upfront to get started working, that’s an immediate red flag.

Specific Jobs That Are Bogus A couple of “work from home jobs” work home scams are entirely bogus - medical billing, envelope stuffing, mystery shopping, and more!