Robo-Advisors – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Ever wonder why robo-advisors are getting so popular? And what the catch is (there is always a catch…)?

Well, grab your popcorn, fill up your 48oz cup of soda, and silence your cell phones – we’re embarking on a journey that every modern investor should complete.

Part 1: The Good – The Pros of Robo-Advisor

SIMPLICITY Just like credit cards simplified the buying of goods and exchanging cash, robo-advisors have simplified investing.

EASY SET-UP It’s straightforward to get started with a robo-advisor.

TAX OPTIMIZATION This can take many forms, but most commonly, it is ensuring your assets are in the right accounts and tax loss harvesting.

Part 2: The Bad – The Cons of Robo-Advisor SWIPE UP

Part 3: The Ugly – What We Can't Stand About Robo-Advisors SWIPE UP