RANKED: 21 Scary Podcasts To Keep You Up All Night

Chill-seekers who just so happen to be fans of podcasts too can find plenty of scary stories to enjoy in the dark.

21 Paranormal Podcasts To Keep You up All Night Long

Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked: Green Demon

This podcast features “true life” supernatural tales told by the people who experienced them.


Jim Harold’s Campfire

Host Jim Harold invites listeners to call in and share their otherworldly experiences.


Ghostly Podcast

Believer Rebecca Rivers and skeptic Patrick Harrington debate haunted legends, real-life ghost stories and paranormal-related true crime.


The NoSleep Podcast

If you need a break from true ghost or crime stories, check out The NoSleep Podcast, a horror fiction show that’s decidedly not for the faint of heart.


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